Here are all the tips and reviews I’ve written on slimming and how to lose weight fast in Singapore. From aesthetic treatments to dieting, I’ve tried a crazy variety of ways to lose weight. Some work, some don’t, some require too much work. Check them all out here.

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Post Natal Slimming Treatment at dorra

Who else here is battling lower body weight problems? I know I am! Women tend to put on inches on their lower body more easily than men because of the higher estrogen levels in their body and the fat cells there which are more prone to fat storage for childbearing purposes. I don’t know about you but I always put on weight in my tummy first. And those fat cells that are in my butt and thigh areas are like…

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Check Out This Targeted Fat Loss Treatment For Tummy and Butt

1 month post-partum and understandably, I am trying to still come to terms with my new body. A mom body that’s flabby and loose everywhere. I recently went for Liposonix treatment for some help with fat and inch loss around my tummy area.

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This Is Exactly How Thermalift Treatment’s Like

I recently went to Lush Aesthetics for their Thermalift Treatment to seek help for my saggy post natal tummy that has heaps of stretch marks all over it. Read about it here. So I went for my first ThermaLift treatment the other day. I am really hoping my little new-found pouch can disappear! :(

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Clarins Body S.O.S.

Old news now that I have just given birth. I’ve been juggling work, baby and getting back into shape. I haven’t found time to get my ass back into the gym yet but I definitely will. Losing weight post birth is not easy especially when I am not naturally skinny to begin with. :/ At Clarins’s recent Blogger Workshop, they asked us to list down the areas of my body which I am happy and unhappy with. I hesitated for…

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Thermalift: The Skin Tightening Treatment For Saggy Tummy

Thermalift treatment in Singapore? I have never heard of this treatment but I came across when I was looking for ways to tighten my saggy tummy area and lighten the post-pregnancy stretch marks. Technology is so advanced these days, surely it isn’t too hard to get back the body I once possessed yeh?

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This Is How EASY My Fat Freezing Treatment Was

I have decided to shape up my body by going for fat freezing at LUSH Aesthetics. We’ve all heard so much about fat freezing and how easily it helps us lose inches off – I definitely want to try it out. So I tried it and here’s reporting back on the whole fat freezing procedure here.

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That’s It. I’m Freezing My Fats at LUSH Aesthetics!

With 1 more week to go before I return to work from my maternity leave, I decided to treat myself to a post-pregnancy body “makeover” with the fat freezing treatment at LUSH Aesthetics. I have a lot of stubborn fats & flab in my tummy area, even before I got pregnant. I needed a little helping hand with those stubborn little fatty pockets that just wouldn’t budge!

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My Post Natal Weight Loss Journey

Today I am 11 weeks post natal, time to talk about my post natal weight loss journey. It’s been really awesome past 11 weeks. From a world of just the husband and I, we have welcomed baby Daniel into our lives. Suddenly we have baby coughing, cooing, sneezing and crying sounds in the house. And suddenly, Peter and I found ourselves with more room in our hearts to love our child. More than we ever thought we could love another…

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