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Week 38 pregnancy update – You guessed it, I’m still baking

[This is a belated post] Week 38 pregnancy update and still baking. Last I saw my gynae, he is pleased that I have only gained 1kg, making my total weight gain till date 14kg…

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Nudity, Milk and a Lot of Lace – That pretty much sums up our maternity photo shoot!

I have gained a whopping 14kg till date for this second pregnancy and it’s time for a maternity photo shoot. I feel very self-conscious and embarrassed about how I look. But I am going to push on and trust that my photographer will make me look awesome, like how she did for my first maternity. 

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Ways to soothe pregnancy aches

It has been 9 months of waiting, and…….. I am still waiting. This pregnancy has not been as easy as my first pregnancy with Daniel. One of my priorities these days is finding ways to soothe pregnancy aches. I thought, before I popped, I should share the 2 types of products which I have been using diligently to soothe pregnancy aches. Because they have been providing me with such comfort, I would be selfish not to share. #1: Something For Your Tired…

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Prenatal Facial For Pregnant Mummies

Let’s talk about Prenatal Facial for pregnant mummies. I always believe that good skin will give you the beauty and confidence you need, more than what makeup can do for you. And good skin starts from taking care of it!

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Week 37: Preparing for Confinement & Baby 2

It is SO HOT these days, UGH. I am not looking forward to confinement. These days, we are stepping up our game and really preparing for confinement. I’m not so sure if I’m going to survive confinement without showering or washing my hair. My hair gets ridiculously oily and in need of a deep scalp cleansing within 2 days. Sigh. Btw, that photo up there, so beautiful. So well taken by Era from Cottony Photography (see all the shoots I’ve…

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