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Zeltiq CoolSculpting Review at Halley Medical Aesthetics

Fat freezing needs no introduction in my opinion. It’s a widely popular treatment worldwide and in Singapore. And it’s hard to not LOVE it. But did you know there are many “brands” that claim to do fat freezing? Here’s a Zeltiq CoolSculpting review!

I have tried many versions of fat freezing in recent years but none of them really compares to the Zeltiq CoolSculpting that I did at Halley Medical Aesthetics recently. I’ll explain why later.

A few years back this technology was made popular and widespread in Singapore by deal websites offering really cheap deals on fat freezing. And these are from all kinds of establishments, mainly big and small slimming centres without an aesthetic doctor. The Coolsculpt procedure is a medical device, and should only be done in a doctor’s office.

Just be aware of the brand of fat freezing technology that you choose. The biggest difference visible to the unaware consumer is the price tag. It can be really cheap or really expensive. Well, if it’s too cheap to be true, it probably is!

I have been on a mission to lose weight and try to get back to what I was when I was breastfeeding Daniel. All these additional layers of unnecessary fat really bothers me.

Why Zeltiq Coolsculpting?

The technology by itself is simply one of its kind. The patented Cryolipolysis is the Only technology in the market approved by FDA.

I finally made my way to getting the Zeltiq CoolSculpting treatment on me. Dr Terence Tan was very patient and detailed with his explanation on the Zeltiq device and what to expect during and after the treatment.

Halley Medical Aesthetics

Dr Terence explained that when we exercise/diet and lose weight, the number of fat cells in our body doesn’t decrease. The volume of each cell decreases. However after Coolsculpting, the targeted fat cells are eliminated for good so I will have fewer fat cells in the treated areas.

When we gain weight, those fat cells that we have will become larger again. And those fat cells which are no longer there obviously cannot get larger!


No surgery, no anesthesia, no downtime.

The results are not immediate and will take about 12 weeks to see the difference.

I cannot wait to start already!

The Zeltiq CoolSculpting Treatment

Halley Medical Aesthetics

I decided to do the treatment on my arms. The fats on my arms are the most stubborn amongst my entire body! Can’t wait to freeze and kill these cells!

The friendly and efficient clinic assistants helped to carefully place the device onto my arm and made sure I was most comfortable.

Halley Medical Aesthetics

And then they left me to my own devices to enjoy the treatment!

Halley Medical Aesthetics

It was all very comfortable during the treatment. I could read magazines, watch videos, use my phone or take a nap! After the initial first 1 minute of freezing, you get used to the sucking & cold sensation and you won’t feel anything thereafter.

After 1 hour of treatment? See the slight redness:

Halley Medical Aesthetics

The Difference With The Zeltiq Brand

The numbness took about 1 week to go away. And that’s the Zeltiq Coolsculpting difference! None of the other fat freezing machines I’ve tried felt the way Zeltiq did on my arms which is all good!

  • The suction was a lot stronger
  • The area was actually numb after treatment, meaning that the machine did great work during that 1 hour. I did some other fat freezing on my arms before and the numbness only lasted 1 hour after the treatment.
  • After the redness subsided, there was quite a bit of bruising thereafter, unlike the other time when I had no bruising at all. Dr Terence advised that bruising can occur but assured me that it will usually go away after a week.

Halley Medical Aesthetics

Here’s leaving Halley Medical Aesthetics happy and looking forward to the next treatment on my other arm! I’m really happy with the treatment!! :) Can’t wait to see the effects!

I hope you found this Zeltiq CoolSculpting review useful!


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