Wish you were here

This week’s been boring and honestly, rather lonely.

I oversleep every morning, jump hurriedly out of bed, spend too much time deciding what to wear, curse my limited wardrobe, wish I were skinny, check in on Tummy (dog), wave Tummy a goodbye, struggle with the keys and out I go.

It’s almost routine that I then take out my iPhone to check on when the next bus will arrive at the bus stop and either rushing or cursing my way to the bus stop – depending on whether the next bus is 3 mins or 15 mins.

I get up the bus, and let my Bejeweled iPhone app envelope my five senses till I reach the office. Every single morning.

The work day passes by quickly with occasional bouts and spurts of anger and laughter.

Drained by the time 7.30pm arrives, I would head home, heat up cold food, sit meself in front of the computer and watch Sex and the City till 1am. Superb show by the way.

And then, it repeats all over again.

Life gets a little grey, a little too routined, a little too…. Well, I wish you were around.


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