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Where’s My Belly Button!

Pregnancy is quite the funny thing. There are heaps I can tell you about it. Today, I woke up and exclaimed to Peter, “BABY I LOST MY BELLY BUTTON”. That, and all the things I miss about not being pregnant.

I did! I had what I like to think of as a lovely innie. Now it’s threatening to become an outie. Omg I hate outies.

things I miss about not being pregnant

And then it didn’t help that I can’t see much of my fast-disappearing lap anymore, thanks to my fast-growing belly. I literally need a mirror now to check my pubic area if I wanted to see it.

Things I miss about not being pregnant

♥ Eating anything I want... I really dig chocolate ice cream. But thanks to my little pregnancy hiccup, I cannot now.

♥ Being independent. I used to be able to do so much. I could clean the house, I could bend over all I want and pick up as many heavy things as I wanted. But now, I can’t. I am so dependent on Peter now. If there are little stuff all over the floor at home, it’s not because I want it to be there. It’s because I can’t pick it up.

♥ Catching the bus. I still can walk relatively fast but running is out of the question. It used to be that I could run after buses and trains. Now I can only brisk walk and hope they wait.

♥ Feeling sexy. Yeh, don’t even mention this. I feel like a whale 24/7. Guys used to check me out. Now I have men checking out my tummy and looking elsewhere.

♥ Having people tell me what I can and cannot do, what I must and must not do. Where’s my life?!

♥ My Pre-Pregnancy Body. And to think I used to always think I am fat. Now that I am REALLY big, I look back and think damn I miss that body! :(

♥ Jumping out of bed. Yes I particularly like jumping in and out of bed. Now, I roll.

Maybe after I give birth, I’ll look back and miss all of the above but for now, there’s really nothing thrilling about it all.

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But don’t get me wrong. I do still enjoy this stage of my life. It’s all very new to me and quite exciting! Oh and the baby kicks in my tummy are superrrr adorable. At the end of the day, I just hope Baby Bean is going to be born a happy, healthy boy. :)

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Are there things you miss about not being pregnant too?


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