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This Is Exactly How Thermalift Treatment’s Like

I recently went to Lush Aesthetics for their Thermalift Treatment to seek help for my saggy post natal tummy that has heaps of stretch marks all over it. Read about it here. So I went for my first ThermaLift treatment the other day. I am really hoping my little new-found pouch can disappear! :(

Treatment Process

Here’s how my first ThermaLift treatment went. A neat room, as always, greeted me. I was quickly changed into the robe they provided and the treatment began. It lasts about an hour each time.

Before the ThermaLift device touches my tummy, the surface of my skin is protected with a cooling liquid.

Then the ThermaLift device will be placed on my tummy and glided in a circular movement.

Thermalift Treatment LUSH Aesthetics

At times, the Thermalift treatment tip can feel hot but all I had to do was to inform the lady doing the treatment for me and she’ll lower the temperature.

ThermaLift Treatment Video

After the treatment, you do have to be patient because results don’t happen immediately. Results can generally be seen over 2-6 months.

If you have skin on your body that needs tightening, go for ThermaLift / Thermage.

ThermaLift can help to improve appearance of stretch marks and loose skin that have resulted after pregnancy or weight changes. Thermage can be used to treat the tummy, thighs, hip and underarm skin and improves contours with no downtime and no pain.

If you are looking to contour your body / shape up / reduce fat, then go for Fat Freeze before going for ThermaLift treatment. :)


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