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What's it like as a blogger?

I often get asked this question.

There are perks to being a blogger like being sponsored, meeting new people, being part of exciting marketing campaigns and be at the forefront of everything new.

I have been very very lucky and thankful to have had so many sponsors who trusted their brand with me. But all of that didn’t come just like that. Blogging is a lot of hard work.

I spend a lot personal time going to events, taking nice photos, editing photos, and writing to get every blogpost out. It started out as a personal blog. I still vividly remember that my decision to start writing a public blog stemmed from the desire to write 1 blogpost.

And then I didn’t look back.

I’m not a full time blogger. I juggle the limited 24 hours I get everyday between my hectic day job in an advertising agency, being a mom to my little squirt, and blogging.

Finding time to blog isn’t always easy. I try to sit down one weekend and get some posts out but now with the baby, I’m not always able to sit for long stretches of time without getting distracted. And I always tell myself, if I am not in the mood to blog, then don’t. I rather go silent then put up posts which don’t give my readers value.

As a beauty blogger, I try a lot of treatments and products and then always aim to take good photos to put on my blog. Photo editing, photo taking, and preparing for the shoot is not always easy. Sometimes I even put on full makeup in the middle of the night (with no intention of going anywhere) just to try out a makeup product/create a look and take photos.

And because something new is always happening, I have a never ending lists of backlog posts that I have to tackle. So if I take a little long to publish a post, please forgive me! :)

It’s hard work blogging. But as my favourite editor from MyFatPocket so accurately reminded all of MFP Bloggers the other day – we are living a dream. Getting paid to blog, trying out new and exciting stuff…

Maybe it’s not your dream but I enjoy it. And you’ll need a lot of passion, determination and discipline to keep up an interesting blog with varied content. I hope you think this humble blog of mine is interesting!

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