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So your friend just announced her pregnancy, what should you say?!

So your friend just announced her pregnancy, what should you say?! Here are some suggestions on what to say to your pregnant friend to show the support that you truly want to show.

So I just kinda “announced” my pregnancy to a wider group of “friends” aka Facebook Friends. You know how a huge portion of the friends you have on Facebook are……. well, acquaintances or people you no longer chat with on a everyday basis with, or perhaps even someone you merely crossed paths with once. Anyway I just wanted to share some things you should and shouldn’t say to a pregnant woman – that’s if you really cared about her.

There are SO MANY things changing in a woman’s body when she is pregnant. Besides the mood swings, the hormones in her body are causing a lot of changes in her body. As a friend who cares, what you say/how you react to her pregnancy announcement can go a long way to shaping her how she feels about herself.

pregnancy announcement

1) You are so brave

Yes. Being a mother, new or not, is a brave thing to go through. Imagine having no control over all these changes (some possibility permanent) on your body and in your environment… and having to embrace them all. There are a lot of sacrifices we are talking about here. Sacrifices a pregnant woman chooses everyday to make for her baby. A little acknowledgement and understanding from a friend would go a long way.

2) You look great

Pregnancy isn’t always pretty. Some put on a lot of weight, some look tired, most will be walking with their legs spread a little wider than before. And pregnancy is one of a stages in a woman’s life where she feels the least attractive. Having someone pay her a little compliment on her looks would definitely make her day.

3) This is great news!

Not shocking news. Not distressing news. Whether or not the pregnancy was planned the deed is done. Whether or not she is ready for it or not, the deed is done. Is it too soon? So fast? Is it any of your business? Either you celebrate her pregnancy with her, and be happy for her, or just keep quiet altogether.

4) I’m sure you’ll be a great mother

All women question themselves many times a day – Am I going to be a good mother. How can I be a good mother… Second/Third time mothers will wonder how they can cope with a new addition to the family… New mothers-to-be will be all the more worried about this. This is a common question – Will I Be A Good Mother? I know, I always ask myself this quietly in my head… and sometimes I confide in a willing friend. As a friend who cares, let her know that you think she will.

5) Let me know if you need help!

If your friend doesn’t seem to be taking pregnancy too well, offer your help and support. Don’t go like, oh no wonder you [insert common pregnancy symptom]. And when you’re pregnant, you’ll learn and experience first hand on how untrue common pregnancy beliefs are. If your friend doesn’t seem to be taking pregnancy too well, offer your help and support. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.

Oh no wonder you put on less makeup these days
Maybe she puts on the same amount but she’s just perhaps looking more tired in general.

Oh no wonder you were eating so much that day!
Really, most women eat less or the same during the first trimester.

Being pregnant with a baby is both exciting and terrifying at the same time, regardless of how many the woman has had before. Much of what an expectant mother is going through is a solo experience. Her husband can only do so much, and share so much when the body that’s really pregnant is hers.

Being a supportive friend can go a very long way for her. :)


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