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Week 33: The Days Go By Too Slowly!

From the blog title, you probably would have guessed it. Yes, things aren’t comfy now! It’s time for a week 33 pregnancy update. For starters, I have water retention like never before. Sometimes after walking too much (and it’s not a lot), my feet get numb (even though I soak in hot water, it’s not painful), swollen (they really look fat) and it turns reddish (all the blood must be gathered there for a party you see).

My fingers feel numb too though they don’t look swollen. My recent visit to the gynae revealed my sudden and ginormous weight gain of close to 4kg, making my total weight gain till date 10kg. *gulp*

This is me at Week 33:

week 33 pregnancy

week 33 pregnancy

My last pre natal massage treatment at Nouri Face & Body Concepts was last year and since I was busy and travelling, I didn’t have time to visit her again but, IT IS HIGH TIME THIS RESUMED to some sort of a regularity now.

Post natal treatments always makes me feel better. If you need a recommendation, please check out Nouri Face & Body Concepts! I engaged her for my first pregnancy and she was a dream.

Baby 2 has gained a lot of weight too. He was 1.08kg a month ago, and now he is 1.80kg.

My body’s trying to deal with the sudden massive weight gain and as a result, I’m waddling already. I have sudden sharp hip pains and sometimes it feels like he is hanging way too low and making it super heavy and uncomfortable to walk. :(

I’m also not too sure what’s the cause but I have nose bleeds occasionally when I blow my nose too hard… so yeah, my pregnancy life is not that rosy right now.

The appetite is back on FULL FORCE. I want to eat like everything – gosh. :( Have to really keep my weight in check. I’m going to try and eat more vegetables (salad for lunch!!), and less carbs in general (esp. during dinner).

I can’t wait to give birth!!! May time fly by!!

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  1. Alice Y
    April 6, 2016 / 9:10 pm

    Add oil babe!

    • Ju Ann
      April 7, 2016 / 6:02 pm

      Thank you!! :)