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We Decided On Pognae Baby Carrier

Believe me. It was a pain starting out searching for Baby Carriers. We decided not to choose between Baby Carriers & Strollers but to just get both. I will share a review of the Pognae Baby Carrier that we eventually chose out of the 3 brands we shortlisted – Beco, Mandula and Pognae. 

During our hunt for the most suitable Baby Carrier for us, we were pointed to 3 brands: Beco, Mandula and Pognae. At a Singapore baby fair that we visited, there were many baby carriers on display but what caught our attention is this little small booth that sold Pognae Baby Carriers. Really, what got our attention was how different this carrier is from others. It has a hard hipseat! We walked in and tried to find out more.

The Pognae Baby Carrier

It used to be $209.80 but at the Baby Fair at Singapore Expo, we bought it for only $145!! :D *HAPPY*

It’s a 3 in 1 which means I can carry it many ways.

Pognae Baby Carrier

You can guess that my basic criteria of buying things is that it must be usable for a reasonably long time. I can foresee my child and us using this for years to come. :) Especially if you look below the chart, it is recommended for use from birth till 3 years!

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Pognae Baby Carrier

I also like how the hard seat at the waist area ensures that weight of the baby is evenly distributed throughout our body so that there won’t be too much strain on any one part.

I’ll really only know how good this is when we finally get to use it! :) We bought the one in Denim colour and are excited to receive it. I’ll be back to review the Pognae Baby Carrier and whether it is worth the buy! :)

Update: We have been using this for awhile. It’s great for wearing your baby in a front facing position. The hipseat looks comfortable for my baby. The only con for this is how bulky the hipseat is if your baby likes switching a lot between walking and being carried. That means that personally, I think this is great for younger babies who prefer being carried more than walking. :)


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