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Guess who was so lucky to get to go see the first ever Singapore-hosted Formula One Night Race for free?

That’s right! Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aiyah I know a lot of other people went also lah! But but, I went for free! So here I was, uninterested about the whole F1 hoo-ha. Unwilling to be swept along with the building excitement evident in everyone around me as the weekend closed in. And then Friday night, Mao Mao called and said he got a room at One Fullerton and… 2 passes to the VIP Viewing Gallery at One Fullerton!

He invited all his friends and we huddled in his room. There was free champagne but I particularly liked the coffee maker a lot. Vv nice coffee!

One Fullerton the hotel room is damn nice lor. And Mao Mao told me the ballroom here begins with a huge stairway that leads into the dining area. Gosh. I’m getting married here. I don’t care who or when. But here! It’s like, Cinderella at the ball! I heard the dinner tables here are worth $1,500 leh! So ex! Ok sorry off topic I know.

The lighting was perfect for taking photos! So I camwhored. Haha

Oh I grabbed those green apples from a basket in the lift lobby. I thought holding them made me a bit like I just stepped out of the set of Desperate Housewives! Hahahaha!

The VIP viewing gallery had free flow of champagne, wine, juice, nuts and little finger food. I felt very VIP! The view was great. I stood where I had a great view of the sharpest turns in the circuit so the cars slowed down quite a fair bit. Mao Mao seemed to be enjoying taking photos with his very pro looking camera while I pigged out on Orange Juice and hoping he doesn’t notice. Hahaha!

Don’t think I had the chance to personally thank him for the opportunity. It made me a very happy girl to just be there to take in the whole atmosphere! :D In comfort too! Thank you thank you!

The rooms went at $2,500 a night which includes the viewing gallery for the F1 race. Very very comfortable rooms. His brother is damn lucky. His company bought rooms to invite some clients over but those clients got invited over to better alternatives to viewing the race so these rooms went empty and got put into a lucky draw for the staff. Mao Mao’s brother got it for Sat and Sun night! HOW LUCKY!

Hope you enjoyed yourself too!

P.s.: Actually for a F1 noob like me, it’s best to watch on TV where there’s commentary. I literally stood there watching the cars zip past without a clue who’s who. I watched the final on TV. :)


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  1. eugene
    October 2, 2008 / 1:18 am

    you lucky gal, next time if you got any good stuff, must courier it up for me, than i can vroom there to tumpang the excitement.

    hey by the way like Shanice says” i like your smiles, keep it up” it sure brightened up my day

  2. Ju Ann
    October 6, 2008 / 3:00 am

    haha thank you!

    and ya i will!