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If you’ve been following all my slimming posts, you’ll know that I’m always on an on-going, always-on healthy eating, body contouring, weight loss, fat loss program. I’m 8 months post pregnancy now, and finally I feel like I’m back to what I was before. This is with many thanks to my doctor at The DRx Clinic, Dr Hui Yun, for recommending that I try Vanquish ME™. This fat reduction and body contouring treatment ain’t cheap but it definitely is an effective way to lose the inches. 

3 Reasons To Choose Vanquish ME

There are a lot of fat reduction treatments out there in the market so let me break it down for you why you should choose Vanquish ME.


Vanquish ME™ is the latest FDA-approved body treatment offered at The DRx Clinic and I was super enthusiastic about it because it is the ONLY contactless RF technology with the largest treatment area in the industry. It’s great for people who wish to treat big areas like how I did my flank area (entire abdomen, front and sides) for this treatment.

In simple terms = The Vanquish ME™ treatment is painless and reduces fat over a large area during each treatment. Efficient!

Treatment can be done on flank, love handles, thighs, arms and back fat.


I’ve tried all kinds of body contouring treatment and believe me, a lot of them aren’t painless but Vanquish ME™ is completely painless. COMPLETELY. It’s pretty amazing.


DRx Clinic recommends 4 to 6 sessions for each treatment set but I signed on for their DRx Clinic’s Body Beautiful Programme which consists of 4 sessions of Vanquish ME™ for fat reduction and 4 sessions of skin tightening treatment because I had just given birth and my skin around my abdomen needed tightening.

Treatment Procedure

Every session of Vanquish ME™ takes about 1 hour. It all starts with an X-wave therapy which utilises acoustic wave pulses to induce vibration in the connective tissue for a tightening and firming effect.

Vanquish Me Singapore

It also helps to stimulate blood circulation and prepares the area for the Vanquish ME™ treatment. You’ll get used to the sensation of having a little hammer hammering at your fats. It’s painless and I even fell asleep once.

Then comes the star of the whole treatment – the Vanquish ME™!

See how it covers my entire flank without touching my skin at all?

Vanquish Me

Love how wide the coverage of the adjustable panel is. It can cover the whole abdominal area and flanks without touching my skin. These panels emits RF energy which heats up the underlying fat, causing it to die naturally while leaving the surrounding skin and muscles untouched (this process is called apoptosis).

Once the fat cells die, it will be metabolised by your body and removed naturally. That’s why it’s important to drink a lot of water 2 days before and after the treatment. It helps the device to tune to the fat cells and helps the body eliminate the fat cells more efficiently.

Here are more pictures of the procedure taking place!

Vanquish Me

Through the 45 mins treatment, the consultant will periodically check on you and ensure the heat is bearable. As for me, I’m a really tired mom of 2 boys and I just sleep through every single session.

The procedure is very comfortable and does not require any anaesthesia and does not have any down time. During the procedure, you’ll feel like there was a heat pad placed on your treatment area. There is mild redness at the treatment area after that, but that disappears in 1 – 2 hours. There is no downtime.

It’s super comfortable for a treatment this effective. Really gotta thank Dr Hui Yun…!

Vanquish Me

I actually felt the difference after 3 sessions. I felt lighter and less bloated, which made me good enough about myself to buy 4 dresses after 3 sessions!

Now that I have completed all 4 sessions of the Vanquish ME™ treatment at The DRx Clinic, I’m going to move on to doing the subsequent 4 sessions of the skin tightening treatment. This is part of the specially designed body contouring programme called the Body Beautiful Programme which includes 4 sessions of Vanquish ME™ and 4 sessions of skin tightening treatment.

This is SUPERB for those who desire maximum fat reaction and contouring results within 8 weeks. I was at the clinic for my usual skin consultation with Dr Hui Yun when I saw the posters about this treatment. I love that every session takes only 1 hour – go in, step out and I’m done. My weekends are really precious because 2 days each week is all I’ve got for my kids. Taking 1 hour aside for this each weekend is very do’able for me. :)

Anyway, I’m going to write about the next 4 sessions of skin tightening treatment too, so stay tuned. :) Quote my name to check on the latest reader exclusive discounts at The DRx Clinic!


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  1. C
    June 3, 2017 / 9:04 pm

    How much did you pay for the vanquish me and skin tightening?

    • Ju Ann
      June 8, 2017 / 9:26 am

      Hello! Can you PM me here?

  2. Ashlynn
    January 30, 2018 / 11:24 am

    Hi , Do you feel any lump at the side after the treatment ? I been thru 2nd treatment.. i dont see any diff .. and i got lump at the side .. i guess the heat problem .

    • Ju Ann
      January 30, 2018 / 11:46 am

      Hmm I didn’t have any lump. Did you check with your doctor?

      • Ashlynn
        February 22, 2018 / 9:36 am

        Hi , Thanks for the reply. They say the lump is normal anyway is gone. I already did 4th times i didnt see any result. Sad.

  3. J
    June 14, 2018 / 11:14 pm

    You did CoolSculpt previously? Still need vanquish? How do the treatments differ? Which do you prefer? Thanks!

    • Ju Ann
      June 15, 2018 / 10:36 am

      Coolsculpt and vanquish are 2 very different treatments in terms of cost, treatment procedure, and so on. But what it both does is similar. Coolsculpting destroys fat cells by freezing; Vanquish destroys fat cells with radio frequency energy (heat).

      Coolsculpting: The size of each treatment area is relatively smaller than Vanquish ME which makes it very flexible and allows you to freeze fats from many parts of your body and also smaller areas of your body like your under chin, allowing it to be very targeted. Downside is, if you have a big treatment area to target, you will need to do this many times. It’s not cheap and there are a lot of “imitations” which are not FDA approved and a lot cheaper than Zeltiq brand. I’ve tried those and it’s a waste of money. So be wary of those!

      Vanquish ME: DRx Clinic would recommend more than 1 session but it treats a bigger area than Coolsculpting. In terms of areas of treatment, I believe this treatment offers one of the largest treatment area for the flank area (entire abdomen, front and sides) so for those whose concern is the tummy area, then this is an ideal one.

      Both are quite costly but they each have their pros and cons. Good thing is, both are painless. So you have to choose based on which area you want to treat and cost. :)

  4. Michael Patane
    June 17, 2018 / 3:43 pm

    Can you advise the cost of Vanquish

    • Ju Ann
      June 21, 2018 / 5:35 pm

      Hi Michael, can you please DM me at please? I’ll share with you the information I have. It may be outdated. If you prefer, you could also call DRx Clinic to check :)

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