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~Riding the Movies in the Region’s Only Hollywood Movies Theme Park~

Universal Studios is in it’s soft launch opening at the moment. Since it was the BF’s birthday, I took leave on a Thursday and went for a day trip to Universal Studios at Sentosa, Singapore.

Mon-Thurs are considered off peak and tickets are priced at $66 per adult. Fri-Sun is at a whopping $78 per adult.

I know that like Disneyland, Universal Studios are all over the world. I didn’t know the entrance fee is so pricey!

Anyway, let me begin blogging abut my day!

There are 6 main areas. Madagascar, Far Far Away, Jurassic Park, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi, New York and Hollywood.

We went to Madagascar first. Everybody knows the show. The dancing lemurs, the sly penguins, gloria the hippo and the brave lion…

We caught the dancing characters from the show. It was real cute!!

It only took the first 15 mins of being in Universal Studios that made me realise the beauty of it. People who work here have to make it real. They have to make the experience real.

Right down to the signs that are put up everywhere!

I’m paying to walk into fairyland. Paying to feel like I’m not in Singapore for one day. Paying for a holiday!

So I started to relax and let Universal Studios make my day.

After the show we went onward to Far Far Away to visit Shrek! Here’s the castle in Far Far Away.

But hang on a minute, check out what I found at Far Far Away!! Queue lines for water cooler!! Wahaha!

There’s this 4D show that is a must watch. It’s 3D with real effects! If there’s water, you feel water. If there’s wind, well, you get the idea. MUST WATCH. We waited like 1 hour for this. Nearly gave up, but it’s definitely one of the must watch. It’s inside the castle!

Next up, we found ourselves in Jurassic Park! I wonder why they chose Jurassic Park as one of the themes. It’s kind of dated isn’t it? Oh well. Regardless, there were several rides here and a water show too. We missed the timing for the water show so we decided to queue for one of their signature rides which would be the Rapids Adventure ride.

There were signs everywhere that reminded us repeatedly that we will get wet and possibly soaked. Raincoats were sold at $2 apiece. Hey, it’s our day to be kids so we didn’t buy any. :)

We waited…. 2 FREAKING HOURS for this ride. Omg. It was a mad torture. 2 hours. Nothing to do. Stand and sit. And what made it worst was that this was where we discovered the existence of “UNIVERSAL EXPRESS”. I suppose people pay extra to skip the queues.. but WHY DIDN’T WE GET THIS?!


I feverently wished for an iphone throughout the 2 hours. Imagine the things I could do!!

NVM, as we drew nearer, I spent the time waiting analysing the right place to sit so that I will get least wet. Obviously I was a bit SOTZ from the waiting cos no matter how much analysis is put into this, the bloody boat turns all the time so there is no way of guessing where best to sit.

On our turn, we excitedly skipped into the boat and waiting with much anticipation of the splash.

But right before the part where the boat goes splashing into the water, the friggin’ boat stopped and there reported a technical glitch. Perfecto.

Naturally, the others who waited for 2 hours like us were boiling mad. But I guess it made us all feel better when they gave us a “UNIVERSAL EXPRESS” pass to make up for it and that they will try to fix the ride asap.

:/ Waiting 2 hours at that ride made us miss the next Water Show. :(!

Moving on, we skipped the Canopy Ride at Jurassic and went onward to Ancient Egypt. I got to say I love the architecture at Egypt the most. I must go Egypt – the real one – one day.

Stay tuned for Part #2!!

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  1. AtelierGal
    July 12, 2010 / 7:57 am


    The entrance fees are a turn-off; should offer concessions for local residents at least!

    The rides don't seem exciting, my friends had to wait for a long time under the hot sun for each ride.

  2. Ju Ann
    July 13, 2010 / 3:33 am

    yea that i got to agree…. its really expensive!