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Universal Studios Singapore Part #2

… continued from Part One…

There was an obelisk, pharaohs, scarabs beetles and so on! There is a rollercoaster ride here which is another must-ride! It’s called Revenge of the Mummies. The people told us about 10-15 mins waiting time. We waited 1 hour +. GODDAMIT.

So much time spent waiting. And I am someone who hates waiting. Gosh.

The ride was great really! But don’t take my word for it if you are going to measure against the Universal Studios in other countries.

It was raining heavily when we got out of the ride @ Ancient Egypt. We ran in the rain to go get our bags from the locker. Shit man. 1st 30 mins free and after that is $3 per half hour. WTH I just don’t get it. They make us put things in locker and make us wait for 1 hour and then I have to pay for the locker somemore!! GRRRRR

NVM ok! The next bigger problem was, they asked us to lock EVERYTHING in the locker. No loose items. So the stupid thing is I have to pay in order to open the locker.

You tell me how.

People ended up borrowing from one another. And some didn’t have change… etc etc and it was chaotic! Nobody around us looked friendly enough to borrow from so we got help from a staff.

Guess what, he opened our locker for us and we didn’t need to pay! Poor girl in front of me paid $5 for nothing.

Anyway, next up is Sci-Fi City. This is the only City I just didn’t get. Obviously I didn’t watch the movie Battlestar Galactica which this city’s theme is based on. There were 2 REALLY cool rollercoasters here that are closed due to a technical glitch in the 1st week of its opening.

Since it was raining and we were looking for shelter, we got on a teacup-like ride called Accelerator that went round and round. We had a bit of time till the next water show at Waterworld so we went onward to New York New York! Me love New York. SO GOING TO GO NEW YORK very soon.

New York presents us with a lot of photo-taking opportunities. the pictures really make me look like I’m in a different city altogether (even though I’m really in Singapore)!

I heard that KT’s Grill here is great for meals! :)

I really enjoyed Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg and Stage 28. You should take a walk in there. A scene of a major hurricane comes to life right before your very eyes. Super cool!!

At this point, we ran back to Waterworld for our next show. In our race against time, we passed by a street performance by a group of yummy looking muscular B-Boys!


The Watershow at Waterworld is a great display of a tidal wave of death-defying stunts, awesome explosions and thrills at this sensational live water show. The actors in the show are damn cute! Loads of gun shots, running, shooting, fighting and falling into waters. It was entertaining.

Since we were back at Jurassic, we went to use our “UNIVERSAL EXPRESS” to get on the Rapid Adventure ride again! Yay! It was working! And we got on super fast.

The BF got COMPLETELY DRENCHED! Haha! I got wet too. My hair and my bottoms were wet! The little boy who was in the same boat as us was completely drenched too! Haha! It was FUN!

We walked on towards Hollywood, passed by a Hat Shop that had many people trying on their awesome hats.

And we rushed for our very last show of the day – Monster Rock. Alas, I hate to say this but Monster Rock was just off. It was uninteresting. I was hoping it’ll end soon and this is the only show I have ever seriously considered leaving halfway. It wasn’t the performers really. It was the whole theme. The singing… the dancing… the concept of bringing monsters to live thingy…. just off. I didn’t enjoy this. Grand theatre though.

That brings me to the end of this post. Bye bye! Universal Studios closes at 7 and we left at 6.30pm. Dinner time! :D

Yes. A big bottle of HERSHEY’S syrup would just hit the right spot.

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  1. AtelierGal
    July 24, 2010 / 5:16 am

    I was looking forward to the Egyptian segment but not into rides. Might as well go to exhibitions instead lol

    Waiting for 1 hour is abit too much

  2. Ju Ann
    July 27, 2010 / 10:06 am

    ya its too much!!