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Trip to Tesco!

Day 2 at London. The first night was pretty bad. I was so sleepy after dinner but my uncle still drove us round town to see the famous sights lighted up in their own lovely way. I was so sleepy that I was practically nodding off! Felt so damn embarrassed about it! It was a good thing I slept as late as possible though, because I was rid of my jetlag very quickly. The next day I was up bright and early and enjoyed a very very simple but SUPER DELICIOUS brekkie.

My delicious breakfast = Toasted bread, cheese, ham. 
What made this breakfast so english and so bloody nice? The cheese. Yes people I am completely addicted to cheese from here on!!! It made everything so nice. The crackers, the bread, the ham… yummylicious! In fact, I shall go buy some cheese later.

London has pretty much the same flavours as we do here. I might just be able to live there – really! Hahaha.

What are those? Long turnips or yellowish brownish carrots?

Oh I took this picture because the carrots look so darn cute with the top part still attached.
It was my dream to try Krispy Kreme. It was a disappointment though. Everything was too darn sweet. YUCK!
Look at that!! Man U cake! Yup, the following pictures are all cakes! Unbelievably cute!

Spongey Bob too!

Boobs and the barely there bra.

Just heat and eat pizzas are aplenty here. 2 for 5 pounds.

I can’t believe they sell milk this way. I hate milk! Who would want to buy so much!! Don’t they sell milk like they sell rice here?

Some random picture of old women (just like how I always see it in movies!) picking fruits.
When I remember why I took this picture, I will tell you.

These look so delicious. I was wondering what they were because on the label it says, Aubergine. Well, I found out later that they are AKA eggplants, AKA brinjal. Yummy!

Wahhhh!!! I heart Baguettes!!
Scooby Doo’s says bye!!
I went for my dental appointment (my uncle’s a dentist and I get free dental!!!) after this. Dinner was at my Auntie’s Place that night. She cooked curry. Will post pictures up on next post!

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