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Time and Opportunities wait for no man

Small Talk: This post is dedicated to my great friend and colleague, Gwen

How do I forget this woman?

This was how she looked like when I met her in 2006.

I think I’ve told this story like a million times but I love it so much I’ll going to tell it again. Here.

When I first joined the company, she managed to ignore me completely for 6 entire months. S.I.X!! I was almost in depression for these six months as I wondered why hated me so thoroughly. Haha! We had to work very closely together for a lot of the jobs and she still managed to get through by saying very little to me.

You got to give it to her for persistence.

Of course I never stopped trying to be friends. I was determined that way. Even when we played foosball, she still never looked up at me or made any direct comment.

There was even once, I asked her if I could brief her about this new job. And as I took a seat beside her, she didn’t even look at me once! I spoke and as I briefed her, I needed her to look at what I had to show her. She merely glanced over at what I was pointing and promptly went back to looking at her screen while I spoke on.

When I was done, I asked her if she’ll like to keep the job folder. She merely nodded and tilted her head to the side to signal where to place the folder. Even when I asked her when I could see the first draft of the artwork, she mumbled a “as soon as I can lor”.

Sheesh. This woman.

She obviously doesn’t know the pain and confusion she put me through.

That day, I went back to my seat wondering what I’ve done to her and why she seems to hate me so much – well because she seemed to like Leon a lot!

And then came the company trip on a Cruise to KL/Malacca. I don’t know how, but my efforts worked and I managed to get her to smile and be friends. Well, at least, friendlier! Suddenly, she opened up and then all of us in the company became a very close-knit group of friends.

She’s looking pretty cute covering a pimple with her hand in this picture

I saw her through so much. From the irritating habits of hers to her ridiculous wet dreams, from her crying about her BF to so much more, I saw her through all that.

I mean, how about this?

She doesn’t drink without TWO straws in her drinks – erm, absolutely no more and no less.
She’s terrified of sesame seeds – ya, modern sesame seeds do try to choke you and make you die.
She does a little flighty dance around you when she sees a bee/butterfly – she claims butterflies have teeth and bite.
She’s a HUGE fan of steamboat – through her, I discovered the joys and the pains of steamboat.
She can’t eat spring onions. You know the type that is sprinkled all over soups? But wait, hear this – if you don’t cut it so small and make it slightly longer, she eats them! And guess what! She only eats the dark green part and not the light green ones.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

How about that and more and then I drop the bomb on you and tell you she goes by this language that only marginally passes for English. For the millionth time, I don’t know if I should be happy or frightened that I understand her gibberish.

The times we spent as friends was good. I remember all the happy times we had…

camwhoring in lifts….

doing our nails… hurriedly too!

wondering what you’re thinking most of the times watching you do funny things…

holidaying bimbotically as complete tourists in foreign countries…

enjoying the sun and the sea together… (remember that super exciting “sampan” ride?)

It has been wonderful meeting someone I can be myself with, someone whom I know, no matter what I say, you’ll never judge me and someone who will understand. I still haven’t decided if understanding you admist all the weird ways you use to express yourself is a good thing or not. Haha! Maybe one day I will post Gwen’s 2007 joke book here. Yes she has a joke book – of her own! My friend here is no small fry. She’s blardy funny.

I’ll really miss seeing you bicker with Kerk, hearing you call Ron a “farker”, exchanging glances with you when something interesting happens, gossiping with you, having you pester me to explain everything to you, and yes I’ll really miss having you nearby everyday.

But like my title – time and opportunities wait for no man. I know you have to go even though I wish you didn’t have to. There are bigger things out there. You’ll learn more, experience more, see more and eventually, take you places that you won’t get to by staying put.

But we’ll keep in close contact. Besides, you’ll have to be my bridesmaid when I marry one day, just like I’ll be yours if you ask me to. =)

Well that’s about enough of reflecting on the past. It’s time to look forward and move on. Let us continue making wonderful memories and celebrating life. =)

So, more alcohol best friend?


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