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Movie: The Dictator

Here’s a movie you should totally check out when it officially releases in Singapore on 14 June!

The Dictator - In Cinemas June 14

The Dictator is a heroic story of a dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.

Sounds serious right? It is anything BUT serious! It’s a hilarious comedy that makes you laugh over and over and over again.

My favourite quote from The Dictator, played by Sacha Baron Cohen (BORAT), when his wife told him she’s pregnant has to be “Are you having a boy or an abortion?“.

Ok wait there’s another one where he helped a stranger give birth to a baby girl and he said, “Oh I have bad news. It’s a girl. Where’s the trash can?

Ok fine, there are too many funny quotes! Go watch it yourself!! Worth all 83 mins long the show is! And I only wished it was longer.

You should totally check out IMDb for The Dictator’s photos and video trailers!! It’s super funny! Thank you OMY.SG & United International Pictures (UIP) for the movie invite!

Rating: M18 | Sexual Humour and Nudity | Running time: 83 min (1 hr 23 min)
Official Release Date: 14 June 2012 | View trailer: http://www.republicofwadiya.com/

**Oh wait, before I end**

After watching the show at Great World City, I spotted food right outside the GV cinema! There is this cute “Gourmet Hotdog” stand which you should TOTALLY try. I had mine with some mushroom filling and it was yums!

Gourmet Hotdog Great World City


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