The dick is not the brain

….the little decisions you make in life will affect theirs.

Today I spoke with a friend. She finally told me what was bothering her all these while.

I felt like it’s a story everyone can learn from.

I knew her dad passed away but little did I know how complicated it was.

Allow me to share her story.

Some years back, her mom was very sick but her dad was in Shenzhen with another woman instead of being there by her side. He left 3 kids and a wife in Singapore.

Later, her mom died. Her dad brought the china woman back to live in the house in Singapore. Thankfully the government did not approve her permit and so they went back to China.

The china woman said she’s not with her Dad for money. But she’s the same age as my friend’s eldest sis… What did the man see in this young china woman that made him decide all that he had was worth giving up?

She asked money from her Dad in so many ways over many years.

It was really difficult for a smitten, once smart man to see that money was all she’s after. And that’s why everything that was so right went so wrong.

Later on, her Dad passed away. The china woman had her Dad’s child. Maggi received a call from that woman telling her that her Dad is dead.

Till today, they still don’t really know what is the cause of his death because the china woman refuses to tell.

She gave him some medicine to eat, claiming that it’s her village recipe and was good for her dad’s heart.

Her dad died of heart failure. But what caused it? I guess they’ll never know for sure. The china woman could have poisoned him for money over an extended period of time.

When they went to Shenzhen to claim his body, the china woman refused to tell her family where her Dad was. She wanted money first.

They begged. And finally they got a lawyer to help find his body.

She refused to give them his passport. She demanded money first.

2 years on, they are still fighting over her Dad’s assets.

It’s so sad that the children of this man has to suffer the consequences of decisions made by him.

There is karma she told me. Karma for cheating on his wife, for leaving his family for some fun action in the sack. Karma for causing grief to his loved ones. Karma for not being there for the wife who stuck with him through thick and thin.

His karma (result of his actions) is his death. And his karma will now affect his children as well.

What a sad story. We have all heard enough of the stories of china woman but when will it be enough for the men we love to truly, truly understand?

The dick is not the brain.

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