The Cetaphil Baby Experience Workshop

I loveeeee workshops. I have been to many baby-related ones and I have learnt so much from them. Cetaphil Singapore recently invited me to share my experience as a mother at their Baby Experience Workshop and I was absolutely honoured and excited to be part of this half day workshop!

I love sharing!

The highlight of the event would definitely be the opportunity to hear and interact with the panel of experts.


The highlight of the event was definitely the opportunity to hear from this panel of experts.

cetaphil baby experience

Dr. Ong Eng Keow took us through a presentation on A¬†Survivor’s Guide to a Newborn’s First 30 Days¬† and it was VERY informative. I really wished I¬†knew the helpful tips and tricks he shared during this workshop, before I had my firstborn. He listed out all the common and very normal symptoms and illnesses during a newborn’s first 30 days, when to panic and when to take it cool.

Ms Kang Phaik Gaik is super well known for her advice on baby massages and baby bathing techniques. Who here is scared of bathing a newborn? I know I was before I had Daniel! Ms Kang did a live demonstration on how to bathe a baby and she was very clear and assuring. For all those looking for tips on how to bathe your newborn, you really should attend a talk by her.

cetaphil baby experience

Ms Sylvia Kang gave heaps of great advice when it comes to making your breastfeeding journey a successful one. I found her very relatable and real. Her advice came from a mother just like you and me and not from an older generation. You will find her very refreshing and her advice, very useful.


cetaphil baby experience

Cindy (TheHootingPost), Claudia (TheLovingMum) and I shared our experiences bathing our newborns on stage. The turnout at the Cetaphil Baby Experience workshop was huge. We shared our own tips with the mummies and daddies and I hope they found our advice useful!

Personally I didn’t bathe my newborn until my confinement ended. My MIL gave Daniel his bath everyday till I took over. At first I was scared! What if he moves and slips into the water? What if I drop him? What if I don’t clean him enough? So many what-ifs!

My tip is to be confident. If you are fearful, your newborn will feel it and that will add no to his/her insecurity. Imagine being carried by¬†someone who isn’t confident of carrying you – scary right!


It was a great experience. I bet all the mummies and daddies who attended went home all levelled up. I saw many of them taking down notes and videos. Check out the highlights of the event in the video below:

This first workshop was sold out very quickly. I do hope they organize another one soon and let more parents benefit from the child care experts. If you want to be kept in the loop, do sign up for their newsletter so that you will be informed of any new workshops!


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