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The British Muesuem, Leceister Sq and a Play!

I am so happy with the work done on my teeth. I couldn’t say enough thanks to my uncle! You know how people always say that a smile will define how you look? Now I have a wonderful smile!! So happy!!

Today’s (30th April) a rainy rainy day in London. Very cold and super windy. My umbrella was blown in all directions, along with my hair -_-“!

We went to the Britsh Museum. It’s a blardy huge place with so many people (more likely than not because it was raining). My camera’s screen not big enough to fit the very large building. It had Roman columns and look really grand.

This is the interior. Lovely web-like pattern on the top.

The above is a doll-house from a long ago Africa. Not bad huh! It was preserved till today and even then, they played with dolls.

The British Museum “stole” so many relics from all over the world! There were the Greeks, the Romans, even a section on Asia where they had buddhas from Thailand and porcelein from China! The above is a close up on a very naked Greek statue’s privates. *Giggles*

The above picture has to be the most interesting artifact for me! It’s an actual egyptian mummy that was unwrapped! Oh gosh the horror of looking at it!!! The skeleton that was left was all blackened and honestly quite scary looking!! The worst part of it all has to be the fingernails. I know fingernails don’t rot so I went to take a closer look.

I hope you guys can see clearly. Eek!!! I thought fingernails never stop growing? These above look well trimmed. Maybe they are regularly trimmed by the muesuem management? Ooo yucks.

Oh yes, the Rosetta Stone – the key to the mystery of the Ancient Egyptian Language and Writing. Hieroglyphs – if only I had the leisure of time to learn the language. Then I could like Indiana Jones. Walk into a cave and I can tell you what’s been happening in there just by reading the funny little drawings!

Here I am, after a long long day at the Museum. I do like the British Muesuem. It’s huge and there’s like so much to learn! I will try to pick out some of my other favourites from this musuem and talk about it next time!

Dinner was at a little pub round one of the corners on Leicester Square. I had to try London’s much-talked-about Fish and Chips.

Fish and Chips for Ducky.

Cuppuccino for me!!

Lamb Kebab for me!

The bill came to about 20 pounds thereabout. So expensive for simple food hor… The lamb kebab was disappointed, so was the fish and chips. Both were very average.

Later in the evening, I caught the Phantom of the Opera play. When in London, one should splurge a little to watch a play. It’s a wonderful experience. Something you’ll never really find in Singapore.

That was taken during recess. It costed me 39 pounds and this was after a 1/4 off price discount. I think I could have gotten a better price if I had walked a little further around Leicester Sq and bought from this big black booth called “Half Price Tkts”. I just bought it from the first counter I saw right out of the faregate at the Metro!

The show started at 7+ and ended real late, at about 11+. It was dark when we got out. As we stood outside the theatre soaking in the atmosphere, there were so many people milling out of the building and all making their way to the nearest Metro station.

That’s yours truly, camwhoring with 4 horse statues whose *ahem* penises were carved as well. Haha I couldn’t but notice! It was right at my eye level!

Well, I really love London. I feel so at home! I have been to like, China, Thailand, Europe, Korea and Australia but I have never felt so at home as I did at London. The reason is quite inexplicable. Maybe because London was so cosmopolitan, maybe the people there were really nice, or maybe simply because they all spoke English and lived the life that I have read in books and seen in movies since young.

I’ll definitely go back again!


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