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That DID NOT just happen!!

Or it friggin’ did!

Civil Servants in the Public Sector have this personality trait that frustrates

I got to tell you about my yesterday!!

I went to submit a marketing and advertising proposal that my team and I have worked on. I arrived at this mailbox that I am supposed to put my package in. My package is 15cm thick and A3 sized. It couldnt go into the mailbox. Too thick.


I call for help.

Guy in charge of this pitch arrives. Insists that we have to split the package up and put only the original into the mailbox. Insists that that’s what everybody does. Seemingly demeans us by saying that this must be our first time.

“Can’t you open the box?”

*Sigh* It was lucky that I have separately wrapped the original and the copy within the big outer wrapping so, fine, I split the package.

He went in and out of his office so many times to get us markers and tape. Do note that I greatly appreciate it but read on.

The split packages are still A3 sized, just 7.5cm thick now. Still cannot go into the mailbox.

Great. So we look to him with a “Now what?” look.

He scratched his head. Stammered…
I pointed to the box and exclaimed (like I never saw the sign before) “Oh look it says contact XX!”
Let’s contact XX!
He cheerfully said he is XX.
-.- DANG!
So he did his jig with the scratching and stammering before he said “AH!”
Come with me, I think you can put it in my office.
Since he was so uptight about putting the package in the mailbox, I then asked him that if we were to put it in his office will it be official and all?
“Yes I am in charge of this pitch so anything go wrong I am responsible!” He exclaimed with much importance.
*er wtf you mean if our proposal gets rejected I can come find you?*
But I let it go.
He pointed to a corner where a BIG brown package lay. You’re not the first he says.
I took a quick peek at the other package’s label and noted the competitor.
I said thanks politely and left.
My colleague and I were like, DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?
Did he just make us spend time splitting the package we spent 30 mins wrapping and then to tell us, another agency didn’t have to split it but we had to JUST SO (it seems) he could see if it works?!
How come some people are so LINEAR-MINDED? I just cannot comprehend. What goes on in their head? How do they even, survive?
I cannot imagine accomplishing anything at all if I were so LINEAR-MINDED and by-the-books.

I told a friend about this and he said “that’s the civil servant mentality in Singapore!” And indeed it is!

Oh so frustrating.


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  1. EVo
    January 7, 2009 / 1:26 pm

    Oh crap.competitor meaning..ur package will arrive in a less-professional looking parcel?

  2. Ju Ann
    January 7, 2009 / 3:02 pm

    evo: ya lor……. instead of one neat package, it becomes two disorganised untidy looking package. cos i have to handwrite details on the package instead of printing! dang!

  3. EVo
    January 7, 2009 / 5:19 pm

    Next time, submit soft copy can la. with compliments from s’pore efficient postage system LOL.

  4. eugene
    January 8, 2009 / 2:37 am

    stress. stress and more stress, chill my dear….kong hee fatt choi is coming.

    take care now

  5. Ju Ann
    January 8, 2009 / 4:28 am

    evo: if we could we would liao lor! printing a 300 page powerpoint in colour X 2 sets + bind is not cheap! LOL the requirement was to submit hard copy. -.-

    eugene: yes yes kong hei fatt choi!!