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Teaching Daniel To Love Reading

Daniel is 2 years old + now. It’s been an absolute joy having him in our lives. He’s now at the age where he learns things very quickly. Just the other day, I came home to him showing me some yoga moves!!! Imagine a little toddler doing the tree pose, the standing pigeon pose and even the downward dog! I had a good laugh over it. He’s so cute.

At this stage of his life when he learns to express himself and pick up things really quickly, we could make out his interests and his strengths and weaknesses.

While he is very active, loves music and dancing, he lacks patience and ability to concentrate.

We bring him to gym classes where he does a lot of climbing, running, and dancing… And it’s so obvious he enjoys it.

And we bring him to art classes and classes where they do storytelling and play with flashcards and he is itching to get his butt up and moving all around.

We worry that he might not be so interested in learning and studying if this were to continue. Maybe we are kiasu but I do want him to be all rounder and to at least try his hand at everything.

I blame ourselves though for not reading to him since young. For not setting a good example for him. Reading is so important to kids because it helps them with grammar and phonics. They remember the words you say, how it all sounds and how it should all fit together. This will give them a better foundation than learning the ABCs.

Not too late I hope?

Well, I hope its not too late to start but Peter and I are going to start slow with quiet reading time every night. Hopefully this will make a positive impact on him.

I look back and realise that it’s true what they say about how you need to read to your child as young as possible. They are like a dry sponge, sogging up everything they see happening around them and learning it all from their infant stage. If you read, they read. If you don’t, they won’t.

Being a parent is surely not easy! I’m driven by my desire to give him the best I can. And if it takes way more patience than I have, then we’re just gonne have to dig it out from somewhere.

Teaching your child to love reading

We’re starting this now and I hope it makes a positive impact on him! I’ve ordered a lot of books from TaoBao so I can’t waitttt to read it all to him. His aunt also bought him heaps of lovely huge picture storybooks which I am very sure he will enjoy.

Is your child like mine too? Do you have better ways of teaching him to read? I’d love to hear from you. :)


It has been 2 months since we embarked on our journey to try and read as much as we can to him. It wasn’t always easy and took a lot of patience and effort from Peter and I. But 2 months later, our son comes to us with books and asks us to read it to him!! He has also become very attentive when we read books to him. That’s quite an achievement I’d say!!! :D


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