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Sudio TRE: Earphones You Didn’t Know You’d Love

As someone who’s always on the go, one of the most important things I never leave home without are earphones. In fact, I think having earphones out with me is second only to my phone (I don’t really need a wallet with so many e-payment options – if you must know). My latest obsession is with this new brand of earphones, Sudio TRE, that I recently discovered and I really want to share this with you.

Sudio TRE

Named after the Phil Collins song “Sussudio,” Sudio is a Swedish audio brand which designs premium earphones featuring minimalistic Scandinavian style & handcrafted quality. I was recently sent a pair of the Sudio TRE earphones and I thought I’d share how much I love them.

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My Audio Preference

To understand how I approached this review, first you should see where I am coming from. I am someone who is always listening to music or watching videos on my long daily commutes. While I am not fussy about sound quality, I do want practicality, comfort and design. Before this, I was using the AKG earphones that came with the Samsung Galaxy S8 phones.

Why I Love My Sudio TRE


Sudio TRE review

The Sudio TRE earphones are very elegant and minimalist in design. The whole thing has a rubber-like matt feel to it which is very comfortable on the eyes and on the skin. In addition, I love how the buttons have a sleek pink tint to it.

Sudio TRE


You know how uncomfortable some in-ear earphones can be. Sudio TRE’s one fits very well for me. It’s comfortable and has these extra wing tips to hold the bud in place. The earphones are well designed, for me at least.

I don’t have to push the earphones too deep in (yikes!) or keep securing them manually as I do with other in-ear earphones that I have tried.

Sudio TRE

You can’t compare the noise cancellation capability to those earphones where the buds fit tightly into your ear to block out noise around you but it does give you decent sound quality. More importantly, this is great for when you want enjoy your music but also want to be aware of your surroundings.

Most importantly, I just put it on and it stays on firmly and comfortably, great for people who are always on the go. The Sudio TRE package comes with 3 wing tips that varies in sizes. Choose one that fits your ears for maximum comfort.


There are so many practical things that I love about this well-thought out earphones.

Sudio TRE

  • Battery lasts 1 whole week (based on 2 hours of usage over 5 to 6 days) for me
  • Has a quick charge feature that charges in only 10 mins (whattt!!!)
  • Bluetooth connection works up till about 15 metres away from your phone before it gets unstable
  • 40cm long wire is flat and does not tangle
  • Bluetooth connects so easily. I just need to switch it on and it connects automatically to my phone
  • They are sweat- and water-resistant, great for active people!
  • Only weighs 35 grams – light as a feather!
  • Works with all iPhone (SIRI-compatible) and Android devices


Sudio TRE

Design, comfort and practical elements, the Sudio TRE has it all for a busy commuter like me, plus it is a lot more affordable than other bluetooth earphones out there. With a choice of four colours (black, blue, pink, and white), the Sudio Tre is priced at $149 (plus free shipping worldwide) and is a great option to consider if you’re looking to upgrade your earphones.

15% discount code

If you’d interested to purchase, here’s a discount code, “NGJUANN15”, to enjoy 15% off. You’d also love to know that they provide FREE shipping via DHL worldwide (delivery within 3 to 5 working days) and there’s also 1 year international warranty for all purchases from their official website.

Sudio TRE giveaway!


Check Sudio’s Singapore website for more details.

Disclaimer: Sudio sent these earphones over to me for review purposes.


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