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Sponsored Video: Do you think you can change destiny?

Do you believe your future is pre-destined? Or do you think you can #changedestiny?

In a recent survey, SK-II found that more than two-thirds of women subscribe to a predestined life. This means these women surrender control over their lives to be restricted by societal expectations and essentially limiting their true potential.

Let me share with you a personal story of mine.

At my first job, at a tender age of 19, I was hired as a advertising executive at a MNC advertising agency. It was the dream, except, it wasn’t.

After 3 months, my boss’s boss told me gently that I am not suitable for this role. Perhaps, I should go explore doing media sales instead.

I was devastated. But one of the nicer boss (I was reporting to 2 bosses) I had took me out for lunch and told me…

“Don’t let others tell you what you can or can not be. Go be whatever you want to be.”

And I did.

10 years later, I’m where my (then) boss was, teaching the younger kids the ropes of this industry.

Check this out:

As a firm supporter of women’s empowerment through the decades, SK-II wishes to push forward a bold movement of change with the creation of a manifesto to embody the meaning of #ChangeDestiny. The manifesto launches with a film created in collaboration with actress Tang Wei.

Stay tuned to Tang Wei’s story this July 15th. The #ChangeDestiny movement is about to begin!

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