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Sponsored Video: Belong Anywhere with Airbnb

When we travel, the world around us gets smaller. Friendships are made on the fly, landscapes are explored, and new experiences are found around every corner. And when you stay in an airbnb listing, this small world feeling is amplified immeasurably.

Travelling with airbnb is all about possibilities and adventure. It’s never about a hotel room anywhere in the world.

They recently released a lovely lovely video that takes you on a magical train ride through a beautiful handmade world – no computer generated graphics here. The world is so big out there but the experience can be truly personal because you choose to stay with airbnb.

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The video shows a little train that passes through places that you can expect to find all over the world through airbnb – imagine living in castles, a pool house, a tree-house, hideaways, bungalows on a beach, a room or a whole house for yourself.

You can even have a chat with your host before you arrive.

The next time you travel, go to airbnb.com and see where you can belong. Watching the video makes me want to plan my next trip with airbnb!

Explore more at airbnb.com. #belonganywhere

This post has been sponsored by Airbnb, but all the thoughts are my own.

P.s.: Love the video? Go behind the scenes right here. I love how detailed the video is! Even the people in the video are modelled after real travel photos submitted on airbnb! :O

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