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Sights of Lovely London – Day 3

1st May

I went round London on foot this day. I love this shot. Beyond the neatly lined trees lies a promise of something grand…

… something well, too far away (I was to find out later that that’s BUCKINGHAM PALACE! Haha!). There were booms and bangs, much like a parade of some sort somewhere. I headed towards the noise and found myself at Trafalgar Square where we saw an interesting protest going on. It was the traditional May Day demonstration held in London, on May the 1’st, 2008. The demonstrators marched from Clerkenwell Green to Trafalgar Square, where they held a rally.

It was all so foreign to me. So colourful. So much noise! It was a  peaceful protest so I was more than happy to be able to weave through the crowds of people to hear their chant, their cause, snap pictures and be part of them momentarily!
The London May Day has been a unique bringing together of trade unionists, workers from the many international communities in London, pensioners, anti-globalisation organisations, students, political bodies and many others in a show of working class unity. There’s even one from the workers “underground”! :)

Just look at the crowd gathered this day!

Is that Mao Ze dong I see? Hmmm…


*Shrugs* Cool outfit though. Wonder if it’s hot in there.

OOO!! Peition!

The peace of the water amidst the commotion.

Banners, uniforms, leaflets, posters musical instruments and flags lend colour, life and much hype to each cause campaigned for.

Ok enough. Post with too much pictures! :P Ok, here’s a peek at the next post!


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