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Shopping in Platinum Mall & Pratunam

Hello!! Here’s sharing my shopping after one long day in Platinum Mall & Pratunam Market, a must-visit for great shopping when you’re in Bangkok.

Here’s what I bought!

Bangkok Shopping photo platinummallshopping_zps6c28dffa.jpg

At Platinum Mall:
2 Shorts for 300Baht (I overpaid for this. You can get this at Chatuchak or Pratunam Market for 100~110Baht each)
Dotted chiffon top for 100Baht
Shades from the night market just outside Platinum Mall for 49Baht!!
Black flats at 300Baht
Super gorgeous Bikinis at 560Baht (280Baht each wholesale price)

At Pratunam Market:
3 X singlets for 210Baht (70Baht each wholesale price)

The BF did a whole lot of shopping too! We roamed the whole of guy’s section – I know, I’m such a good gf.

Bangkok Shopping photo guyshoppinginbangkok_zpsb08186e0.jpg

At Platinum Mall:
3 X Colourful Berms at 870Baht (290Baht each) at
2 X Checkered Shirts @ Shirtoria at 580Baht (290Baht each)
Belts X 3 (can’t remember how much… 100~200 Baht each)
3 X Colourful Tee-shirts at 570Baht (190Baht each)

If you’re at the Platinum Mall/Pratunam Area, be sure to check out these dining options:

1) Wan Ton Mee & Stewed Pork Rice

I super love the texture of the noodle. It’s very Q. The portions are small but it’s fine by me. The BF usually orders one Wan Ton Mee & one Stewed Pork Rice. Both are worth trying. :) Costs about 50-80Baht.

Address: Soi 19 Petchburi Road, Pratunam, Bangkok.

2) Pink Shirt Chicken Rice at Pratunam

Kaiton Kao Mun has been around for about 40 years. You’ll see big crowds eating here day and night! This was recommended by friends in Singapore as well as a Thai friend! So I thought I should totally should give it a try. It’s just opposite Platinum’s New Wing, very convenient

There’s another green shirt uniformed Chicken Rice stall nearer to Platinum Mall. The locals say it’s not as good as the Pink Shirt one, well give both a try anyway!

I only tried the Pink Shirt one and it’s really nothing special unfortunately. If you love the Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore, then the chicken rice here will disappoint you.

Address: Kaiton Kao Mun Kai Pratunam (on the corner of Petchburi Soi 30, Petchburi Road)
Opens daily 5:30am-3:30pm, 5pm-3am

3) Food Park at Big C Supercenter

Food Park is a foodcourt at level 4 of Big C (opposite Central World). It’s main attraction is the cheap cheap prices! Even with 2 plates of food per person, it will cost you only less than 100Baht! I had the dry Tom Yum Noodle – love it!! :) The coconut ice cream is also worth trying!

Address: Big C Supercenter, 4th Floor, 97/11 Rajdamri Road, +66 (0) 2250 4888. 9 a.m.-11 p.m.

4) Foodcourt at Platinum Mall

I love how convenient it is. After shopping, you just go up to 6th floor and refuel with yummy food. I recently discovered another must try which is the “Rice Noodle Wrap”. It looks like Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls but this is using a big flat white noodle. Go tryyy!!

The other food are the usual stuff. I always find most tasty. Be adventurous!

Address: Platinum Fashion Mall, 6th Floor, 222 Petchaburi Road, +66 (0) 2121 8000. 9 a.m.-8 p.m.


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