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Shopping Guide To Haji Lane

Indie boutiques, local designers, there’s a lot going on at Haji Lane. If you’re looking for a break from the usual mainstream high street brands, do check out the quaint little lane that is Haji Lane. Here is a guide to Haji Lane shopping to help you along!

I really don’t come here often enough. I love the stuff I find here every single time. Here’s a collection of the shops I love visiting the most along Haji Lane.

#1: Soon Lee
73 Haji Lane

Haji Lane Shopping

Soon Lee has a great selection of local & regional designers like STOLEN, Ying The Label, Aijek, POEM and more.

#2: The Salad Shop (Website)
25 Haji Lane

Each of their items are limited edition and once it runs out, they are unlikely to manufacture it again. They have a great range of comfortable wear that is classy and elegant. Good quality clothes I’d pay the price they charge. :)

#3: VainGloriousYou
42 Haji Lane

Haji Lane Shopping

VGY started out as an online boutique – vgystore.com. Their outlet at Haji Lane is where you can try on their latest collections and buy if you like! They have a wide range of clothes from office wear, glamorous events as well as casual wear. You can check out their latest collections on the website before going down to their store. I do think the photos shown online are nicer than they really are in real life.

#4: ModParade
68 Haji Lane

Haji Lane Shopping

ModParade is also another online boutique with a retail store presence. They have quite a good collection that is rather unique, and worth checking out.

#5: Tangers (Facebook)
51 Haji Lane

Haji Lane Shopping

Modern and clean cut. They specialise in korean fashion and their pieces are very wearable and stylish. Totally worth checking out.


So there you have it, 5 very solid fashion shops that I like because they have unique pieces and good quality. I hope you enjoyed this post! :)


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