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Shoe Frenzy

Oh Jeez! I “accidentally” clicked on a coupla links and got through to STEVE MADDEN.

Steve Madden is a designer shoe brand owned by Steve Madden, Ltd. The designer, Steve Madden is such a blardy GENIUS.

I don’t even think he needs much marketing! I mean, look at the below few designs I grabbed from the website. The pictures below just says, “buy me, I’m all you’ll ever need. “

These are like, er, super drop-dead gorgeous shoes!

See! So simple, yet the design so pretty! The colour’s perfect too! Sheesh. I need to get one for myself soon!! And I just splurged on a pair of SGD$200 Clarks shoe too. Broke, I am surely to be.

Look at this Mary-Jane! Pair it with stockings, a knee-length skirt, a no-nonsense top and you’re all set to have a pretty day! I need to be saved from being a “pricey” shoe addict. I wear the Ballet Crocs most days now and even that is SGD$50!

Got. To. Resist.

Right after I own a pair of Steve Maddens! Yeeehaaa!!


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