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Review of High Noon (iPhone Game)

Ever since I got my iPhone 4, I have been literally glued to it! But this is not a post to rave about how great the iPhone is.

This is a review of the following iPhone game.

High Noon (Free on iTunes)
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

I was looking for free games to download and chanced upon this. To sum it, your iPhone is your weapon and your finger is the trigger. So get trigger-happy! It’s a multiplayer one-on-one game where you have to shoot the opponent (a real player, not computer) and the person that dies first loses.

There are of course many things that tip the scale:

– Different type of guns that feature different number of bullets and shooting style.
– Special equipments like flour sack, dynamite, lassos, whiskey, voodoo dolls and more

So the objective of the game is to win one-to-one duels, earn gold, and level up! Here are three things that I really like about the game:

– Wildcat Challenge
When you click on Wildcat challenge, you are in the queue for a random matchup for a duel with another player. I love this. It’s very fast (which means there’s a lot of people playing this game) and you really get a whole range of people from the newbies to the veterans!

– Holster Your Weapon!
The first time I started a duel, I was amused by the instruction to holster my weapon (iPhone). I literally had to hold my phone upside down and wait for the “TING TING” to signify the beginning of the duel. So fun!

– The Music
Sorry, I think I like even the music. Haha!


Having said the good, there are of course things which I hope can be improved:
– Challenge a Friend
It’s a great feature. But it doesn’t seem to work. I tried it with a few friends, they tried it with their friends, I went online to search – all without an answer. Happylatte said on their FB that most people on High Noon are often engaged in a game and are hence mostly unavailable – which brings me to my next point

– Always In A Game
I believe it’s their back end mechanism which is connected to the “Wildcat Challenge” function whereby users who are not shopping/in a game will be sucked into a “challenge” by users who click on the “Wildcat Challenge” function.

Again, that’s great but there should be an option to turn this off! A “do-not-disturb” button of something! The only time I get to rest is when I am out of juice… on to my next point.

– Out Of Juice
There is an energy bar whereby every game/every time you steal gold from someone else, your energy bar is deducted. Reach zero and you will either have to wait till your energy is recharged (which can be 30 mins-a couple of hours) or buy energy juice using Wampums* before you can play again.

*Wampums are given when you level up or you can also buy using real money (contributions to the developer).

Alright, that’s all I’ve got. If I had to pay US1.99 for it, I would. But nothing more than that.

Love the game! :)

If you’re on High Noon too, add me on your shitlist! This is my High Noon ID: 173819653

*Update on 16 Sep*

There was a recent patch for this game and it has addressed everything that I mentioned above! Way to go!!
Now a suggestion for Happylatte perhaps is to create a wider vareity of clothings/accessories that give the user protection on several levels, i.e.: +HP, +Luck, +Speed, +Accuracy and so on!

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  1. renaye
    September 12, 2010 / 2:53 am

    haha.u r so loving it. the only game i have played on my friend's iphone is a talking cat where it will repeat whatever u said. and my friend and i like to hit the cat till it drops dead. haha.

  2. Bjorn
    September 12, 2010 / 11:23 am

    Hi Ju Ann!

    Great to hear you like your iPhone 4 and High Noon :)

    We've just tweaked the "wildcat challenge" mode so that it'll only challenge other players that are also in wildcat mode. This should give you enough time and make it easier to hand-pick your opponents and challenge them, so hopefully you'll end up dueling with your friends more.


  3. Ju Ann
    September 13, 2010 / 6:26 am

    hahaha! renaye! yes I heard of that game too!!

    Bjorn, really? Awesome!!!! yes! hopefully that works. Thanks!!

  4. John
    August 11, 2011 / 9:49 pm


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