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Mentholatum Organic Lip Balm


Mentholatum lip care (#1 ip Care brand in Japan*) launches a new Organic lipbalm range with the Highest Eco-Cert accreditation:

1. Free of artificial chemicals, preservatives or colorants.
2. Healthy, safe and gentle enough for healthy lips.
3. Recyclable and biodegradable.

Using a nourishing blend of natural oils from renowned organic farms globally, its creamy and non-sticky texture glides on smoothly for soft, silky lips.


Organic Ingredients sourced from Internationally Renowned Organic Farms:

1. African Organic Shea Butter ❤ Soothes & heals dry lips
2. Spanish Organic Oil ❤ Fights ageing & prevents chapped lips
3. Argentinean Organic Jojoba Oil ❤ Provides long-lasting hydration
4. Columbian Organic Coconut Oil ❤ Softens skin for silky smooth lips

My Review:

It was super interesting to have a lavender-ish fragrance in a lipbalm! I would prefer the more traditional berry-based flavours. :D My lips aren’t very dry on a normal basis but I do get chapped lips if I do go to a cold country. At times like those, a lipbalm like this would give me much hydration with the great ingredients found in it. It may seem like there’s a lot of oil-based ingredients but this lipbalm when applied is not at all oily.

  • Available in 1) Raspberry & Strawberry and 2) Lavender & Orange flavours.
  • Mentholatum organic lip balms are priced at $7.90 each.
  • This product is sold in Watsons, Guardian, NTUC and SASA stores.

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