“De-Puff” Your Face: How I Reduce Water Retention On My Face

This treatment is perfect in helping to reduce water retention on my face! Tiredness, stress, and lack of sleep can leave its harmful effects on your skin. Between the kids and work, I barely have time for facials but I did finally managed to squeeze some time out to pamper myself with a Lymphatic Detox facial treatment that’s perfect for busy women who are often tired out, have lack of sleep and are stressed!

When I get stressed or when I don’t get enough sleep, WATER RETENTION attacks!

Whenever I have water retention issues, the first treatment that comes to mind is always anything to do with Lymphatic. The usual place I go to for facial (DRx Clinic) has a Lymphatic Detox facial treatment that helps to “de-puff” your face to reduce water retention. I needed very little persuasion to go for it!

The treatment starts with the use of familiar DermaRx products which I already use at home every day.

reduce water retention

She then does an extraction to rid any clogged pores to allow better absorption of the good products coming my way. This is followed by a simple soothing mask that is placed to soothe any redness from the extraction.

reduce water retention
Now, my skin is well prepped and READY for the Lymphatic Detox treatment! Here’s how it helps to reduce water retention on my face! Gentle circular movements are used to stimulate the lymphatic system from my shoulder to my face.

reduce water retention

This helps in flushing of toxins from the body and reduce water retention on my face, thereby helping to reduce puffiness and slims down the entire face.

This treatment then ends off with a hydrating skin booster concentrate and an elaborate hydrating mask to give you a healthy and well-hydrated complexion. Check out the 3 steps to applying this mask!

reduce water retentionreduce water retentionreduce water retention

I always leave DRx Clinic feeling fresh and new again. This is definitely my secret beauty hideout to go to whenever I need help with my skin.

Anyway, more deets here on the treatment if you’re interested! You’ll get a 50% off this facial if you quote my name! ^^ T&Cs apply.

Inquire with them! 🙂


DRx Medical Aesthetic Clinic and Medispa

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#14-02/03, #16-01/02 Tong Building,
Singapore 238862
Tel: +65 6733 1555
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Opening Hours:
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