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Recommended Pregnancy Book: What to expect from conception to birth

Pregnancy is a exciting and remarkable stage of your life that involves many changes and invokes many questions. It is one of the best times in your life to get yourself a guidebook (or two!) to guide you along the way. Here’s a recommended pregnancy book to check out.

After my awesome colleague knew I was preggars, she went out immediately and got me a recommended pregnancy book that she felt helped her a lot during her pregnancy. The book is titled “Your Pregnancy Week By Week” by Professor Lesley Regan, a world-renowned obstetrician.

It’s about S$64.20 at POPULAR Bookstore in Singapore.

I’ve come to enjoy this book a lot which is why I’m sharing this here. When I thought the internet would suffice, a book really offers more. Whenever I have time, I’ll read what to expect in my current and next stage of my pregnancy. It helps me expect and understand certain changes in my body.

  • I didn’t know its expected that your gums will tend to bleed more during pregnancy. And mine really did.
  • I didn’t know that my breasts will enlarge to a certain size and then stablise there till after you finish nursing.
  • I didn’t know that passing motion may get more challenging and irregular as you progress with your pregnancy.

There were so many more mini questions that were answered just by reading the book like a bible.

This book covers four main sections:

i) During Pregnancy,
ii) Labour & Delivery,
iii) Life after Birth,
iv) Concerns and Complications.

recommended pregnancy book

In essence, this recommended pregnancy book is very easy to understand, easy to read and extremely informative.

Stay tuned to this page as I discover and explore pregnancy on my own terms here!


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