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Recipe: Sardine Samosa

As one of the finalists of the Singapore Blog Awards, Best Cooking Blog category, we were all sponsored Panasonic Home Cooking appliances to create our very own versions of recipes.

I was sponsored the all in one Panasonic Oven with Steam (NN-SV30). It’s a all in one cos it combines Microwave, Heater, Steam and Grilling functions all in one machine!

You know how our houses are getting smaller and smaller these days? Well think about how much space this machine saves! I decide to try out some recipes with it.

Here’s one that I used to love making back when I was in the “cooking” class in secondary school.

I love sardine puffs. I love eating them, making them, and sharing them with loved ones. Today I decided to do a little twist to the whole puff affair and make Sardine Samosas.

The difference is Samosas are triangular in shape and have cripsy skins. Sardine Puffs are wrapped with puff pastry.

Here are the ingredients:
(makes 10pcs)

Best Cooking Blog Singapore photo 3-2_zps03a2bfd7.jpg

1 packet spring roll skin
1 large tin sardine in tomato sauce
4-5 chilli padi
1 medium sized red onion
Salt to taste

Best Cooking Blog Singapore photo 2-2_zps0dc08f8e.jpg

Step by Step:

1) Remove the bones from the sardines, drain the tomato sauce and lightly mash the meat up with a fork.

Best Cooking Blog Singapore photo 1-3_zps446956ee.jpg

2) Add in the chopped chilli padi and onions and mix.
3) Add salt to taste
4) Cut spring roll skin into 2 and roll samosas up! :) It’s that easy!

Best Cooking Blog Singapore photo 8-1_zpsec02dfe3.jpg

5) Glaze samosas with egg white.

Best Cooking Blog Singapore photo 6-1_zpsb9ca7e61.jpg

6) Switch on the Convection Mode on the Panasonic Oven and heat up to 180 degrees. Make sure you have water in it already in the bottom tray!
7) Bake for 15-20 mins

Serve hot! :)

Best Cooking Blog Singapore photo 7-1_zps0b8ad938.jpg

Best Cooking Blog Singapore photo 4-2_zpsc6416d38.jpg


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  1. Jenn
    July 19, 2013 / 12:01 am

    what a super recipe, very original, I hadn’t got one of your panasonic machines but I had a go using my Halogen Oven and it turned out really well, even the kids enjoyed them , served up with plum Italian tomatoes and loads of black pepper