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Get Your Eyebrows on Fleek with Powder Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore

I just got eyebrow embroidery done at Beauty Recipe and I love how natural it is! My eyebrows are on fleek everyday now!! The treatment I went for is Beauty Recipe’s powder gradient eyebrow embroidery and it’s so affordable too.

eyebrow embroidery

The owner, Jessie, is a personal friend of mine and she works super hard at giving the best for her customers in an extremely competitive market.

What’s Powder Gradient Nano Eyebrow Embroidery?

You hear a lot these days about the various types of embroidery methods (from 2D to 6D) but many choose the latest powder gradient eyebrow embroidery because of how much finer and closer each stroke is, thereby giving you a more natural look. The more natural a look you want, the more time, effort and care is needed to create the look.

What do I look out for?

When you are choosing which company to go to for eyebrow embroidery, make sure you check it’s credentials and review. Eyebrow embroidery essentially is like a semi-permanent tattoo. The eyebrow artist you choose needs to have good skills and adequate experience. Yuki did my eyebrows at Beauty Recipe, and she has 15 years of eyebrow embroidery experience!

Beauty Recipe also conducts regular eyebrow embroidery training classes in Singapore for all aspiring beauticians. That made me feel really assured that I’m getting the best there is.

How the whole eyebrow embroidery process went.

As is the normal process, she shaped my eyebrows and confirmed the shape before starting the eyebrow embroidery process proper.

(Look at how bare my own eyebrows are! >.<)

(Getting the shape right before the embroidery process takes place. Thankful for Yuki’s skill and patience.)

The numbing cream is applied and I got to say that the numbing cream used here is one kind of awesome. If you have a low pain threshold, definitely visit Beauty Recipe. It made the whole process literally pain free.

(Waiting for the numbing cream to do it’s magic!)

As you are waiting for the numbing cream to take effect, do let the eyebrow artist know what colour you prefer. She took on a lighter shade for me because my hair is coloured and not jet black so having darker eyebrows would make me look weird.

Towards the end when the numbing cream was starting to wear off, I felt a bit of soreness but definitely bearable as we were already at the tail end of the entire treatment.

The results?

Eyebrows on fleek! My eyebrows are constantly looking perfectly on point without having to do anything with them! Evenly coloured, evenly shaped,  and gently arched to suit my face shape – what more can a girl ask for <3.

Check out a before and after!

Check out that expert ombre that the eyebrow artist achieved! And best part is, it looks so natural that it literally fooled me into thinking these were my original eyebrows. <3

Immediately after it’s done, the colour will look darker and thicker that it will be because our skin typically swells a little after the treatment plus the colour will fade a little after the peeling. It felt a little stingy after the treatment but the stingy feeling only lasted a day.

Eyebrow embroidery

Let’s talk about the aftercare!

The aftercare was simple and I was given an antiseptic cream to apply 3-4 times a day 5-7 days after the treatment. I went to work as per normal and the peeling wasn’t that bad, well at least no one asked. LOL. In short, it was very fuss-free and didn’t interrupt my routine.

At Beauty Recipe, you can also do a complimentary touch up after 4 to 6 weeks for the secondary colour (complementary colour). During the touch up, post-secondary complementary colour adjustment will be done and this time on your new skin, the colour will absorb better too! Their experienced therapists will readjust the colour and redo your eyebrows accordingly. The first session is a great way to test the degree of skin colour absorption and the shape. While the second time is for enhancing the colour and adjust the shape if needed.

Here’s a list what you should know!

Where to get your own natural looking eyebrows?

There are heaps of places in Singapore which offer such services but I’d definitely recommend Beauty Recipe for their Powder Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore. Even now, 2-3 months later, I’m super loving it and I will definitely go again! You can also read Beauty Recipe’s customer reviews here on their Facebook Page. :)


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If you have questions or want to book an appointment… You can drop an email to enquirybeautyrecipe@gmail.com or call 6702 3062.

For more information, photos, and videos do visit Beauty Recipe Facebook Page and Website

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  1. Rufee Tan
    February 15, 2018 / 11:58 am

    How much korea eyebrow embroidery including touch up?

    • Ju Ann
      March 4, 2018 / 2:19 am

      Do call them to find out kk! :)