“Fresh” Out Of Confinement? Your Hair Needs This Scalp Treatment

The weather these days is ridiculously hot, making it one of the worst times to be doing your post-natal confinement (that’s if you obey all or some of the rules of confinement).

Me? I’m modern and I believe in findings from credible studies. But the older folks at home are pro-traditional confinement. So I figured that I could just bear with doing a traditional confinement and do what they want me to do for 1 month.

During my 30 day confinement,  I washed my hair a grand total of 3 times. You read that right – THREE.

Despite washing to the best of my ability each time, my scalp still felt oily and just half a day later, the roots of my hair were oily again. Later on, I even started getting dandruff. OMGGGGGG.

Once I was done with confinement, I immediately made an appointment to get a scalp treatment at Shunji Matsuo – I needed professional help!

Caely, my stylist at Shunji Matsuo @ 313Somerset, took a look at the embarrassing situation my hair was in and recommended I do the Shiseido Scalp Detox and Hair Treatment.

Products used in this treatment include:

scalp treatment at shunji matsuo
♥ Sebum Clear Gel
♥ Deep Cleanser
♥ Purifying Shampoo
♥ Future Sublime Mask (this is GREAT for hair texture!!)
♥ Power Beauty Drop (for oily scalp)

I thoroughly enjoyed the scalp treatment at Shunji Matsuo. The head massage was… Ooooo so good.

scalp treatment at shunji matsuo

First step, the sebum clear gel was rubbed in my scalp section by section and cold mist was blown at my hair for 10 minutes. This helps to remove sebum, dead skin cells and impurities from inside the pores.

scalp treatment at shunji matsuo scalp treatment at shunji matsuo

Then they washed my hair twice, once with a deep cleansing shampoo and another with a purifying shampoo (superior cleansing and cooling effect). The guy who washed my hair did a really good job. He was thorough and really massaged my scalp well to ensure all the grime and oil came out properly.

By the time I came out, my scalp felt absolutely squeaky, minty-fresh.

scalp treatment shunji3

My hair was in all kinds of tangles after washing and he again patiently sectioned my hair to apply the Future Sublime Mask. To increase absorption into my hair follicles, my hair was wrapped in warm mist.

scalp treatment at shunji matsuo

To end the treatment, the Power Beauty Drop serum was used. This is a high performance scalp serum that has every drop packed with skincare ingredients that helps to achieve a healthy scalp environment.

Your hair and scalp will THANK YOU for the pampering scalp treatment at Shunji Matsuo! I walked out feeling super light and clean. Definitely the best reward for surviving the nasty post natal confinement!!

If you’d like to do this scalp treatment at Shunji Matsuo too, do quote my name “Ju Ann” to get a 10% discount off!

Specially for my readers: Get 10% off all color, treatment, perm, straightening services Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon at 313 when you quote “Ju Ann Blogger”. Haircut excluded! 🙂 My stylist is Caely, and she’s very good at what she does.


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  1. Hazel
    August 15, 2016 / 6:59 pm

    Hello! Is this treatment safe for breastfeeding mums? Thanks!

    • Ju Ann
      August 16, 2016 / 12:10 am

      Hi Hazel, I did this treatment when I was breastfeeding. :)

  2. Darcy Menlewis
    November 4, 2016 / 12:48 am

    Nice. I had my scalp detox at Lao Fo Ye.

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