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Party With Care this Festive Season!

As we get into the party season, here are 3 tips I have on partying with care!

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Yes it’s the festive season. Maybe you’ve partied hard and just wane crash once you get home but don’t forget to ALWAYS remove your makeup before you sleep! If not you’re going to be battling some skin issues the next day! If you’re really tired, at least keep some makeup remover wipes handy by your bedside table and remove them while you lie down. :P


Don’t drink till you’re unconscious! And never leave your drink unattended ok! You know what they say about date rape and people drugging your drinks. You never know and it never hurts to play safe. Read this: Don’t be a victim of date rape drugs!


Before you drink and celebrate, do remember to not to drink alcohol on an empty stomach. You wouldn’t want to be knocked out before the party even begins would you? :) And if you do get a hangover, here are 15 ways to survive it at work!


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