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Painting in Progress #ProjectNursery

#ProjectNursery has advanced in leaps and bounds and will go even further and faster from here on. It’s all pretty exciting to see a previously messy “storage” room come to life with cute stuff for the little one.

Check out my post on how the room looked like “BEFORE” we started on it!

So, because the existing mega huge cupboard, flooring, door and curtains are all brownish in colour, we are kinda restricted to the colour combinations we can achieve. The walls were previously white + yellow so it was kinda odd too.

The chosen colour scheme at the end is BROWN, WHITE, and BLUE. So off we went to many hardware stores and looked at paint selections. We were thinking it should be okay to paint on our own yeh? One wall should be fine… but we needed to cover the yellow wall too….

It was all quite nerve wrecking from choosing a colour to deciding what tools we need. It came to a point where I was wondering if I should just get somebody in to do it for me.

So I went online to search and found out about Nippon Paint’s Professional Painting Services cos I received their brochure some time ago!

nippon paint photo nippon002_zpsd037c2b7.png

OMG – totally spot on! I also knew they had this odourless paint which is like super perfect for our situation! No smell, and it’s going to be so fuss-free the whole process!! Tell you more about this Nippon Paint Professional Painting Service and Odourless Paint next time!

First up: Check out the room in painting!

nippon paint photo nippon001_zps3ff0d03a.png

Fuss free much?! I just standing around taking photos while they mend my walls and cover my furniture. They even managed to move the huge cabinet that’s filled with clothes without scratching anything. Impressive loh.

I have chosen to go with Colour Code 8109 (Peace) for all the walls. It’s a light, cheery shade of blue. :)

The Odour-less Premium all-in-1 interior wall paint is really odourless! It reduces Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels to almost zero which means it won’t be emitted into the air. There was no paint odour during and after the painting session! That helped to convince my husband that it’s okay to paint the room for the little one! :)

I can’t wait to show you the after photos! Stay tuned ok!! :)


If you’re interested, do call Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services at 6319 7222 for a quote! More information here.

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