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Outrageous servings in China!

Yes, dinner on Day 4 was at this place called Shu Wei Nong. They served Sichuan cuisine and it is infused with such spiciness that I couldn’t but fall in love with!

So by Day 4 of my China trip, I had enough of expensive food. I wanted something closer to the locals’ hearts.

Shu Wei Nong
No.29, Su Zhou Street
Hai Dian District
Beijing, 100080

Two of us. Three Dishes. We were terribly full indeed.

Mei Cai Kou Rou aka Preserved Veg with Pork Belly. I am not a fan of this dish. It wasn’t that good either. So it’ll be good to give this a miss.

Oh I was browsing through their menu and came across this. I wonder whose ass. Lol. Ah gross.
(I think the chinese word there says Ostrich meat. Is it?)

Dish #2 was this very lovely looking Xiao Bai Cai with Mushrooms. Looks nice right? It’s quite okay actually except for the fact that it was kinda difficult to chew! I couldn’t tear one erm, “stalk” into 2 pieces easily!

Dish #3. My absolute favourite!! It’s called Shui Zhu Yu (directly translated to mean Water Cook Fish), but boy, this pot had everything but plain water! It was cooked in chilli oil with dried chilli floating everywhere! And when you thought that was spicy enough to kill? The bed of this pot lay a small hill of peppercorns.

It was freaking delicious! And so cheap! RMB 42?!!?!? That is like SGD 9 only! It was a fish that they kept alive until we ordered this as well! So fresh!

Upclose on the yummylicious fishies!!

And did I mention it was DAMN BIG?! Everything was big. Every single portion was big! Why?! In Singapore you can order Small, Medium, or Big. At China, everything was cheaply priced and came in ridiculously huge servings! How can 2 finish?!

We finished only the fish. The other two dishes had leftovers and we were very, very full! The bill came up to RMB 160 which is about SGD 30. For this price, you’ll get maybe only the pot of fish. Gosh. The standards of living really very different.


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