Our Wedding Thumbprint Tree

As a fun supplement to the usual wedding signature book that is usually provided by the hotel, we decided to have something fun and unique. I did a lot of research online and possible options and decided to go with a wedding fingerprint tree.

What it is is a poster where people can stamp their fingerprints and sign (your choice) on it as a “I was here“. :)

My wedding designer, Hellen (from Rosette Design & Co), totally got the idea I want after I showed her some examples that I got from the internet.

Here are some I found on the internet:

Wedding Guestbook Idea Wedding Tree thumbprint photo weddingfingerprinttree_zps765c34dc.jpg

Wedding Guestbook Idea Wedding Balloons thumbprint photo weddingballoonguestbook_zpsaaae4414.jpg

Pictures from www.etsy.com

I wanted one with either balloons or tree with leaves and Hellen proposed to use a silhouette of us kissing with a bunch of balloons and have people stamp their thumbprints to make up the balloons part.

See what we did:

wedding thumbprint tree photo weddingthumbprinttree_zpsaa29261b.jpg

And my guests had fun! :)

Wedding Thumbprint Tree photo 0365-AT1_0078_zpsc1754534.jpg

Wedding Thumbprint Tree photo 0360-AT1_0059_zps48b9606b.jpg

And after the wedding, here’s what we collected!

wedding balloon fingerprint guestbook photo weddingthumbprinttree1_zps9958c861.jpg

I hope you like reading about this Unique Wedding Guestbook Idea. :)


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