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Our Saturday Routine

I’ve been back at work for a month now and life has settled into a comfortable routine. My helper has been an amazing help to our little family so far and that has been the sole reason why I am able to still have time to do my own things. Saturdays are the days where I go to our family chiropractor who is also a baby chiropractor in Singapore.

I like my Saturdays the most. :)

Us out on our Saturday Routine!

Our Saturday routine’s usually starts with all of us waking up early and heading on over to our family Chiropractor, Kirolounge @ Golden Landmark Shopping Centre. The location is fantastic and we love going there cos we usually just pop over to Bugis Junction after our weekly adjustments!

Baby Chiropractor in Singapore

1) On me: Cheery yellow nursing top from Spring Maternity matched with a blue beaded necklace
2) On Baby Daniel: White animal bamboo cotton romper from Baby by Spring Maternity

Oh yes and I’ve been a regular at Kirolounge before my pregnancy, throughout my pregnancy and now that Baby Daniel has come along, he’s also joining me on my weekly adjustments.

I see many infants and toddlers every Saturday morning and Dr Brian and Dr Katie are always so good with the kids. They’re very pro-family, with a little play area for kids too.

For post natal mothers like me, chiropractic care becomes even more relevant and important. We spend long hours holding the baby and bending over our necks to nurse, our bodies often feel tension and pain with these adaptations. My shoulders and neck are especially sore and tired! It is an absolute relief to get my body adjusted weekly.

More and more children are receiving chiropractic care at Baby Chiropractor in Singapore. The benefits are aplenty like improved sleep, better attitude and behaviors, as well as increased immunity, resulting in fewer colds and flus. Yu also may find resolution from colic, cranky babies, torticollis, hearing impairments, ADD/ADHD, clogged tear ducts, ear infections, asthma, allergies and headaches, sensory-neural dysfunction, respiratory disorders and bedwetting. Read more here.

Baby Chiropractor in Singapore

Daniel has been responding very well to both Dr Katie and Dr Brian. Awww heart melts :) See how Baby Daniel’s very first chiropractic adjustment with Dr Katie went!


Dr Brian with Baby Daniel above!

After our adjustments, we’ll usually pop over to Bugis Junction in search for a yummy brunch. We’d always travel as compact as possible, bringing only a diaper bag and our Babysfe sling. I love saturdays like these. Going out for a nice brunch, then shopping, basically some family time with the husband and baby.

It’s routine and I like it. :)

If you’re not sure if chiropractic care is suitable for you, check out their Chiropractic Consultation Trials at Kirolounge. You can call 6336 3738 to make an appointment and the friendly people at Kirolounge (a Baby Chiropractor in Singapore) will set you up.



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6336 3738
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