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A Pregnancy Gadget That Plays Music For Baby

Studies have shown that babies can remember music that was played to them in the womb for up to a year after birth. With that, we decided to check out Bellybuds to play music for baby. It is a safe baby-bump sound system that offers parents-to-be a means to deliver audio stimulation to their developing child to start creating those memories now.

music for baby

I remember playing this sleeping lullaby music to Daniel repeatedly when he was a newborn and he always slept to this music. I figure if I wanted peaceful nights with Baby 2, I should start with the soothing music for baby now when he is in the bump so that when he is out, I could ideally play this music and he’ll find it recognisable and soothing!

Of course you can choose to play any music you want to your baby.

music for baby

We also tried recording our voices and playing it through Bellybuds to my baby bump. It’s quite a novelty.

Here’s a closeup!

I like that it is very portable, very light, making it easy to bring with me anywhere I wish to. I usually only have time when I travel, so I like bringing this along with me on my travels. With a 2 year old toddler at home, it is impossible to do anything other than sit and be available for him. #woetome!

Bellybuds are a rather fun way for parents-to-be to bond with their baby.

music for baby

Anywayyyy, this makes quite a cool baby shower gift for mums-to-be! Probably more for first-time parents (more in awe of pregnancy). :P

P.s.: I was just thinking how crazy useful this would be for doting family members who are away often but still want to be part of your growing baby’s early memories. So they can just record their voice and then you can play it like music for baby. Oh wait and parents who are having a child via a surrogate mom! #sorrygoingofftangenthere

Bellybuds is available for sale at mymiraclebaby.com.sg.


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