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We Made Them Our Family Chiropractor – Here’s Why!

Hi everyone, how are you? My husband and I have recently started going to our family chiropractor in Singapore for weekly spine adjustments. Like most people, we had some pain and discomfort here and there and decided to seek a chiropractor’s help for a more natural way of healing.

Personally, I’ve been having lower backaches (after giving birth to my 2nd child), and chronic neck and shoulder pain due to prolonged hours hunching in front of a computer in the office.

My husband has to carry quite a fair bit of heavy things (including my son!) when sending Daniel to school and back everyday. He also spends very long hours looking down at his mobile phone and computer. Like most office dwellers, he too has chronic neck and shoulder pains.

We’ve been applying all sorts of muscle ache creams and going for shoulder massages but all of those seem to only give us temporary relief.

I’m glad that Natural Healings approached me one day and asked if I wanted to try them out. Life is super busy juggling between 2 kids, a full time job and maintaining a blog, if they didn’t come to me, I wouldn’t have had the time to look for a Family Chiropractor.

Chiropractors are trained in the alignment of the spine. If your spine is out misaligned, your health and wellbeing can be affected. I had an X-ray taken on the advice of my chiropractor and to my horror, my spine is misaligned in my neck and waist area. So that totally explains the chronic pain.

Family Chiropractor

All blue lines indicate how our spine should be curving naturally. The red ones indicate my current condition. My neck is the most concerning part where it’s curving forward due to my long hours at the office as well as my bad habit of always looking downwards on my mobile phone. Over time, my neck spine has lost that gentle curve it needs.

You can also see that my lower back is at it’s early stage of deteriorating. It is not as curved as a healthy spine should be. This helps to contribute to the lower back pains that I’ve been experiencing.

Family Chiropractor

Chiropractic provides a natural, quick and proven treatment to alleviate pain and prevent the occurrence of injuries, without any drugs or surgery required. The treatment is painless and it only takes less than 5 mins each time. Before each treatment, my body feels very tensed up and inflexible. It is an instant relief the moment when my chiropractor releases the air bubbles caught in my spine.

Family Chiropractor

Our family chiropractor focuses on adjusting my neck and lower back to guide it back to it’s natural curve. I’m really glad that I’m seeking chiropractic care at Natural Healings now. I’ve only been going for 2 months and while I still have those pains, but they are not as bad or as prolonged as before.

Family Chiropractor

So if you or you know anyone who has been living with aches and pains here and there, give Natural Healings a call and they’ll see if they have a solution for you. I also found this article where they highlight the warning signs of a unhealthy spine.

Aches and pains, however minor, are unnecessary to endure, and they are also warning signs to something out of the ordinary. Do get them checked out for a healthier, more fulfilling life. :) For my husband and I, we’re going to our Family Chiropractor for our weekly adjustments like clockwork and can’t wait to have another x ray taken at the end of 4 months :).


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This is a sponsored post by Natural Healings. All opinions are my own.

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