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Bought our baby cot and I think we're ready!

So anyway the husband and I sat down one day and really gave a hard thought about what our baby really needs. I am a very practical person and I really don’t want to overbuy or buy things that only last a couple of months. Besides the fact that it’s a waste of money, I really wouldn’t know what I can do next with them if I don’t use them anymore!

After a long discussion, here are the BIG TICKET items that we felt are things we really needed for the nursery:

• Baby Cot – preferably those that can last him a long time.
• Baby Beddings X at least 2 sets
• Baby Beansprouts Pillow
• Mattress, Pillows, Bolsters, Quilt
• Changing Pad
• Changing Table (Optional)
• Bathtub

So, with this list, we’ve been looking around, doing research and finally we bought our first big ticket item! Bean’s COT!

This is Baby Cot Style with 4 adjustable levels to suit his growing years. I got this in WHITE! :)

And then when Baby Bean grows older, we’ll convert it into a play pen, aka his little jail.

And then he grows even older, into our little toddler, he could have his own bed modified from this cot too!

We can also take out the two smaller rails entirely as seen in the above and make it into a sofa bed!

It feels more real now that we have the baby cot! I haven’t bought anything for Baby Bean till date! The cot is from Baby Kingdom (see here) and it can be converted 4 ways as seen above.

The VERMONT 4-in-1 COT BED allows me to adjust from Baby Cot to a Junior Bed.

• Stable structure provides safety for the baby
• Elegant Australian design
• Suitable from birth to 50kg
• Made from New Zealand Pine Wood with non- toxic paint
• Conform to AS/NZS 2172:2010
• 4 position mattress base
• Includes non toxic Teething rails
• Easy conversion to next stage
• 4 castors included

LOVE!! :) I bought it at Baby Kingdom for $419. Mine is white in colour. I didn’t get the package seen below because I want to choose my beddings and other accessories separately to make sure Bean gets the best there is. I’m going with Babysafe but that’s another post for another time! :)


The package price of $519 comes with:

• 3″ Height Fibrelux Mattress worth $159
• Baby Comforter Bedding Set 12pcs worth $189
• Baby Comfort Musical Mobile worth $59
• Munchkin Night Light worth $34.90
• Munchkin Diaper Change Organiser worth $59.90

I can’t say if this cot is good or not since it’s scheduled to arrive only later this year. But I’ll be sure to post pictures later on! :) Gosh I hope it’s good quality. LOL.

More about #ProjectNursery here!


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  1. Baby Mall
    September 4, 2016 / 3:20 pm

    WOW, the cot is quite expensive, you may want to consider other brands like what they sell online