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Old Tears, You Need To Dry Up

Recently, the past came a-knocking at the door.

And it made me sad again. I know, it’s silly of me to have emotions for the past. But the past did define me and make me who I am today.

I have little or no regret for what happened in my past. Whether it’s relationships or things I’ve done, or decisions I’ve made.

These old tears I have for what was and what could have been need to dry up.

I feel like I’ve let go of a balloon. Balloons, they sometimes slip away, and your heart stops for a moment in panic and you run after them.

Or sometimes, you let go of it. On purpose. And then you watch it fly away. The balloon that you once had, takes a slow ascent towards the far beyond.

I think, last year, I let go of that balloon. And everything it meant to me. I set it free so that it may explore the great unknown in the horizon. And it did. I’m glad it did.

My past reminds me that life is not a fairytale. Marriages break up, married people cheat on their partners, promises are always broken, and people in love are always disappointed. It reminds me that unlike one’s childhood, the choices we make in life impact our future more than ever.

And sometimes, letting go of that balloon doesn’t have to be hard. Who knows, it might just look better from another angle.

Food for thought. :)

P.s.: I didn’t give up because I didn’t care, I gave up because you didn’t care.


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