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Old School Friendster Testimonials!

Do you remember the days of Friendster? Back when I was in secondary school, Friendster was all the rage.

Friendster is so un-userfriendly now! But that’s not the point of my post.

The point of it was, I decided to go take a look at my old account and found some interesting memories.

There was this “testimonials” section where people pop by and shout about how much they love or hate you. I found two old testimonials by my 2 best friends, Angeline and Wei Shan written back in 2004. OMG, 7 years ago! So precious!

Thanks girls…!! LOL and yes my dear shannie, the chicken and tuna joke will keep living. It’s the joke of a lifetime! And yes hooi, we’ll be friends forever~ The only problem with the other part on kids is, shan needs to find a bf first yeah!

Reading the other testimonials I got from decades ago, I realise I haven’t really changed. Still that same girl who still goes to gyms, keep hamsters, still as determined as ever, and still as funny as ever of course. Haha!


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