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Off off and away I go

Hello world! I am at Changi Airport Terminal 3 now. It’s 12.45am and I am feeling all hyped about the trip to Beijing! I’ve never been to Beijing before. So, great, great wall of China, here I come.

This, my friends, is the BEST curry/belachan brinjal dish I have ever tasted. Seriously, it was THAT good. It’s FOC at the Krisflyer Gold Lounge! =D Yeehaa, I got entry!

I had like a good 4 hours to kill in the airport. And it was fun mucking around. Yea, I am really excited about this trip!

This is my first time to this new Terminal. Look at what I found!

Signature Reading Booth! I waited 10 mins to get my personality summed up by this very vain stranger. See he had this camera right beside him, and he triggered the camera every single time he asked me a question!

Most stuff were the usual, generic descriptions that didn’t really impress me, however, he went on to say that I’m not suitable to be an accountant. Instead, I should be an auditor because I am good with time management. In fact, he said I would be best suited to manage creative people.

HUH?! How did he know what I’m working as?!

That was creepy. I told him he’s zai to make him smile but he was kinda roboty. Ah well. It was weird and I really don’t believe much in fortune telling or the analysis of one’s personality based on signature or numerology. I just went for fun.

So may I cynically say that I guess if you keep shooting about in the dark, eventually you will hit something? ;)

Ok, end of yakking. It’s time for my chinese adventure to begin. :D

P.s.: OMG? The flight is delayed and there was an annoucement to say that the engineers are fixing the technical fault now!? Eek!


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