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Nursing Room Reviews in Singapore

Since I have decided on breastfeeding exclusively for as long as possible, I was constantly faced with the challenge of choosing malls with good nursing rooms so that it’s less stressful for me. Breastfeeding in public isn’t something I’m 100% comfortable with so, to the nursing room it is for me.

We also love bringing Baby Daniel out with us as much as possible and just like every parent in Singapore, diaper changing stations are of paramount importance.

I hope this list helps all parents in Singapore. :) Do also join me on instagram @ngjuann where I review nursing rooms no the go under the hashtag #nursingroomsg

P.s.: Bear with me as I slowly conquer as many nursing rooms in Singapore as possible.

Here’s a list of the nursing rooms in Singapore that I’ve reviewed:

Alexandra Retail Centre, ARC
Bugis Junction, BHG
Serangoon NEX, Isetan
Serangoon NEX, Toilets

This list is last updated as of 23 March 2014

❤ Alexandra Retail Centre, ARC

Alexandra Retail Centre, nursing room in singapore photo ARC_zpsa270062c.png

Location: Level 1 & 2
Personal Experience: This is a very basic and small nursing room. It doesn’t have space to accommodate any stroller cos it will already block the pathway. There is one locked door nursing room inside with a powerpoint. Yay to that. There’s also a hot water dispenser, 2 diaper changing stations and a toddler toilet which is cute for the little ones.  However, do note that the room for nursing is locked and you’ll have to go to the level 1 customer service counter to exchange your NRIC for the key. A little inconvenient there but at least it prevents this room from being misused.

❤ Bugis Junction, BHG

Nursing Room Reviews Singapore photo IMG_2075_zps7b65cfb9.png

Location: Level 3, inside BHG near the baby section.
Personal Experience: I am very impressed with this nursing room. It is huge with 3 diaper changing stations, hot/cold water dispenser and sink, and 1 nursing room with padded seating. Nicely done! It was very clean and new at the time of this review. The only downside is the use of curtains in the nursing cubicle (and there’s only one!) because you know how rude some people can get. They can just pull the curtains apart if they get impatient!

Do note that there are no electrical points, waiting area, bottle warmer or high chairs here.

❤ Serangoon NEX, Isetan

Nursing Room Reviews in Singapore photo IMG_2095_zps899aff47.png

Location: Serangoon NEX, inside Isetan Level 3 near the baby section.
Personal Experience: This is an adequate area. I have a feeling a lot of people use this area so it might be a challenge to keep it as clean as possible. It is huge with a nice waiting area for the daddies. There’s a sink, electrical point, high chairs, hot water dispenser, 2 nursing rooms with locked doors and even a yakult vending machine. Enough space for at least 3 groups of families in here.

Do note that there are is no bottle warmer here.

Here are where the other Isetan nursing rooms are located:
Isetan Scotts = Level 4
Isetan Serangoon (NEX) = Level 3
Isetan Katong (Parkway Parade) = Level 3
Isetan Jurong (Westgate) = Level B1

❤ Serangoon NEX, Toilets

Nursing Room Reviews in Singapore photo IMG_2093_zps3d9fee9c.png

Location: Level B2, B1, 1, 2, 3, 4 & Sky Garden
Personal Experience:
I understand everybody’s experience may vary but when I visited this, it was EXTREMELY poorly maintained with poo stains on the floor, torn changing mat surface, and a dirty little stool. It has a hot/cold water dispenser which is placed right above the dustbin… I’m not too sure that’s hygenic… :/ It smells too. If you’re at NEX, go to Isetan’s Level 3 to use their nursing room instead. It’s a basic and very small area. Thank goodness for Isetan!

Do note that there are no electrical points, waiting area, bottle warmer or high chairs here.


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