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My Top Ten iPhone Apps

Through my last horrifying experience of washing my iPhone in the washing machine, I have come to realise my top ten most used iPhone Apps.

In no particular order, here’s my most favourite iPhone Apps! I notice most of them are under Social Networking, Gaming and Navigation!

#1: High Noon
I reviewed this fabulous game before. So take a look here and here.
#2: Gothere.sg
This is a great app and one of the most expensive that I paid for. So I must use this more often. In fact, this is really good. Cos taxi drivers will sometimes tell me stupid things like, I don’t know how to go from here. Hello, from Bugis to Raffles place – very ulu meh??? So I whip out my HP and tell them how to get there.
#3: Twitter

How do I live without twitter… where I can be as truthful as I want to be. I heard this saying before: “Facebook is where you lie to your friends. Twitter is where you be truthful with strangers.”
#4: Facebook
Another social networking must have. Everyone needs to lie (see #3 on Twitter). Haha!
#5: Windows Live Messenger
Thank you Microsoft for coming up with this and making it free! I love you! Who needs SMSes now?? Oh right, those who live in a cave and don’t use MSN.
#6: tranSGuide

I use this twice every single day. I love this app. I think I bought the iPhone soley for this app. There’s absolutely nothing I hate more than to wait in a bus stop and I have no idea when the next bus is arriving. Especially when I’m in a rush!!
This allows you to do the following:
– Search for bus stops near you
– See bus routes
– Save bus stops as favourites (love this feature)
– See what’s the NEXT bus timing plus the bus after that’s timing as well!
I would love to see this app expand to include a little of what SBS transit has on their website which is the Journey Planner tool.
#7: Bejeweled 2 + Blitz
This is the PERFECT mindless game when I have free time in between my days. I have reviewed this game before here.
#8: Plants vs. Zombies
Plants vs. Zombies is one of the most entertaining and well-thought out game. I love this game. Haven’t done a review on this but will do so soon. This is not free and costs $2.99 in App Store.
#9: DBS mBanking
I love DBS iBanking service. So when mBanking came about, this girl here who grew up in the internet era embraced it wholeheartedly. It is everything that mobile banking should be. Simple, and no fuss. Straight to the point. Lets you do your tasks in the shortest and simplest way possible.
#10: Whatsapp Messenger
When my friends told me about this, and how I must get it. I was thinking, why do I need this when I have MSN/Skype? But hey, MSN and Skype requires you to switch on before you can receive message, but Whatsapp can prompt you even if you’re not signed in. It taps into your contact list so you can even contact people who are not on your MSN list via this very useful and free method.
No sign ups, no pins and no usernames! :D And even if your friend is offline, you can send them a message which they can reply to any time!
You can share locations (check where that BF is!), record and send audio message, text message, share photos and videos… with all that, what’s not to love about it? $0.99 is definitely worth it.
And my mom (who is in KL) and my sis (who is always flying around the world) and my BF (who is in China) all can contact me via Whatsapp for free! It’s cross-platform compliant too! Blackberry and Android users can also join iPhone users on the fun and convenience of Whatsapp!

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