My Skin Journey with DRx Clinic Singapore

This is actually quite a belated post as I’ve been busy with adjusting to my new role as mother to my sweet baby Daniel.

Nonetheless, this is a post that must be written because I’m so excited! 🙂 I’ve embarked on a journey to treat my skin problems with DRx Clinic.

DRx Clinic is located at Tong Building, right along Orchard Road and provides skincare treatments like Botox Aesthetics, Dermal Fillers, Laser Therapy, Ultherapy and dermatological brand like Derma-Rx.

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My skincare journey begun with a 1-to-1 consultation with Dr Hui Yun. We had a chat about my skin history, current skincare regime and she also did an examination of my skin.

We established my skin problems to be congested pores, oily T-Zone and dull skin. Dr Hui Yun shared with me that over the counter products take very long to show results, if they even do, is because it’s not as strongly formulated as prescribed skincare products like the one she will be prescribing me with.

So exciting! Am finally going to be trying out Derma-Rx range of products which I’ve heard a lot about. Derma-Rx products are made with ingredients of impeccable grade and formulated to be as potent as it could be and still remain safe for personal use.

And that’s why you’ll need to consult with skincare doctors at DRx Clinic before you can purchase these products.

Comparing these products with those you see off the shelves of Watsons/Guardian, it’s like buying over the counter panadol for your headache versus medication that a doctor would prescribe you.

I got prescribed 5 products to help combat with my skin problems.

Derma-Rx photo sss_zps40fba464.jpg

Stay tuned to my next post for a review on the products and follow my journey to see how it all works out for me! 🙂

To get these products too, all you have to do is  schedule in a consultation with the doctors at The DRX Clinic and they will advise you what are the right Derma-Rx products for you. If you think prescribed skincare products are very expensive, well, check out the very reasonable prices (in comparison to counter products) here.


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